March 31 2006

Told Ya So

As I have said several times now, parents, and you, are the ultimate judge of what should be on your television, not the FCC. Well, it seems 82% of registered voters agree with me.

TV Watch, a group dedicated to keeping the goverment out of the business of regulating TV, commissioned a poll of registered voters to see if people want the FCC controlling what they see. This news story breaks down the information. 12% of respondents want the goverment controlling what we see, but the majority wants to control their own TVs and the programming. With all of the filtering equipment out there now such as the V-Chip and set top control boxes, you have the tools now to control what is on the TV in your house more than ever. It is time the goverment stepped back and realize that we do not them holding our hands every step of the way. It is time parents take more responsability.

It’s just time.

So what does this tell everyone? Our TV is being controlled by a small group of busy bodies with nothing better to do with their time than muddle in your business. It is time for the majority to speak up. Go to the TV Watch site, sign up, ask to get alerts when shows are under attack, stand up to the these bullies!

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