April 1 2006

Amazing Race 9, Episode 5

The Amazing Race opened up with Eric & Jeremy departing the Munich, Germany Pit Stop at 2:15 AM. The clue indicated they were to fly 850 miles to Palermo, Italy. Once there, they were to take a taxi to Teatro Massimo opera house to find their next clue.

Eric & Jeremy got to the airport and discovered the earliest flight out was on Alitalia and would get them to Palermo at 10:15 AM. As they were not able to book the flight yet, they decided to play in the wheel chairs. Next to show up were BJ & Tyler who joined in the Wheel Chair Olympics. Lake & Michelle arrived and decided to hit the internet to see if they could look in to book a flight. After their wheel chair fun, BJ & Tyler decided to check out the computers also. While Lake & Michelle couldn’t read the website as it was in German, BJ & Tyler could and got on the Alialia flight. Lake & Michelle discovered a Lufthansa flight landing at 2 PM, and Eric & Jeremy were only able to do standy by for the Alatalia flight. However, on their layover in Rome, Eric & Jeremy had a ticketing problem and didn’t make it to Palermo with Eric & Jeremy.

As the other teams arrived, Fran & Barry, Dave & Lori and Joseph & Monica joined Lake & Michelle on the Lufthansa flight. Everyone but Lake & Michelle discovered the Rome plane switch, leaving Lake & Michelle to fly in later with Ray & Yolanda and Danielle & Dani. Now, when Fran & Barry found out about the flight, Lake & Michelle approached them just to say hello, Fran snapped at them to get away. Lake was highly offended and told Michlle “She’s a doctor’s wife. She shouldn’t be acting like that.”. Oh yes Lake, because you are the poster boy for dentists.

BJ & Tyler had the lead all to themselves as they shot through Palermo. The next clue told them to drive themselves 42 miles to the town of Castellammare del Golfo. They were well on their way by the time the other seven teams finally arrived. Lake & Michelle slipped to last place, but due to Danielle’s lack of skill at driving a stick shift, they ended up being in last place quickly.

After all this, it was Detour time:

“In this Detour, Teams had to choose between Foundry and Laundry. In Foundry, Teams had to walk to a nearby metal works and pick up a 110-pound church bell. Then, using a vehicle known as an Ape, they must drive the bell to a church, Chiesa Maria, and hand deliver it up a set of steps. In Laundry, Teams needed to find an intersection littered with laundry lines and search among 2,400 pieces of laundry to find one of 16 items of clothing marked with a red and yellow tag.”

The only teams to do Foundry were Ray & Yolanda and James & Michelle, everyone else opted for Laundry. While it took some of them awhile, but they all made it through the Detour without much trouble. Fran & Barry once again went by the clue box without spotting it at first. They are amazing.

Once everyone got their clues, they were told to had to drive 13 miles to the city of Segesta and find the archeological zone. They then had to hike up a hill one mile to the Teatro di Segesta, a fifth century amphitheater. There was a Yield here and it was used by Lake & Michelle to Yield Dani & Danielle. Yeah, it didn’t make a ton of sense to anyone really. It probably had to do with Lake & Michelle going to the Pit Stop by accident, putting them even further behind.

At the ampitheater, the teams discovered the Roadblock:

In this Roadblock, one Team member had to correctly piece together a classical Greek statue. The Teams didn’t know that there were two extra pieces not needed to complete the statue.

No one seemed that befuddled by the extra pieces except for Lori who totally freaked out. She seemed to be freaking out most of the day though, demonstrating just how stressful the race really can be to people.

The clue told everyone to race back down the hill to the Tempio di Segesta, a fifth century B.C. temple which served as the Pit Stop for this leg. BJ & Tyler came in first and won digital imaging package from Duracell, that included a digital camera, photo printer, computer, and Duracell PowerPix batteries. Eric & Jeremy were visiably upset to come in second place, Phil seemed to think they should be a bit more grateful. Dani & Danielle were eliminated after more problems at the statue building.

Overall, an episode of frantically made wrong decesions. Is it any surprise that the most laid back team keeps coming in first?

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