April 2 2006

Finally! I’m in the texting age!

So, I have been a Sprint phone user for ages, and I love my Sanyo 4900 phone, but all good things must come to an end. I have been looking to upgrade my phone for awhile now but I really wanted to add Bluetooth for a wireless headset and text messaging. Well, Sprint’s selection of Bluetooth capable handsets were…well…limited to put it mildly. Matter of fact, the only options were an LG and a Treo 650 I believe. Neither I was in love with. They also lacked SIM cards.

Sprint’s text messaging price was a tad on the insane side I thought, but I had never had texting before. They wanted $10 a month for 100 texts, and $.10 for each additonal text. I also really wanted a phone I could use in Japan. They run on different frequencies than we do in the United States, and I was tired of renting a phone from JCR Corp. Don’t get me wrong, they have been a great company to work with, but I hate renting.

So, after tons of research, and many, many personal endorsements for every carrier you can think of, I decided on T-Mobile for a number of reasons:

1. Numerous Bluetooth enabled handsets
2. Cheap text messaging
3. SIM cards for easy swapping
4. International coverage, including the ever elusive Japan.

My lovely new handset is a BlackBerry 7290! I admit, it is a bit awkwardly shaped for holding up to your head, but that’s why it can use a normal 2.5mm headset or it can use a Bluetooth headset, which I already set up and it works great. And text messaging…yikes! $4.99 a month for 400 texts. And then there’s the minutes….yeah T-Mobile is also way cheaper. And I have unlimited web browsing and e-mail…why in the world did I take so long to leave Sprint?

Gee…thanks for nothing Sprint! I may not like T-Mobile down the road, but for now I’m loving them.

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