April 3 2006

Survivor Exile Island Episode 7

Hey, Survivor Exile Island is finally back! What a concept!

We open at Casaya as they suffer through a horrible night of rain. Everyone huddles together for warmth, but Courtney is on the edge and gets soaked by the downpour. The next morning she wakes to complain how it is all Shane’s fault she is wet and cold. Um…Courtney? YOU HAD A ONE PERSON SHELTER KNOWN AS THE OUTHOUSE! Yep, I yelled it, I don’t care. I don’t care if it’s been used, I don’t care how disgusting you think it is, but if you were that miserable, go sit in it! I really think she just likes complaining about things.

Over at La Mina, the remaining men (Terry, Austin and Nick) receive tree mail telling them something that doesn’t blog is on their back beach. They go to investigate, hoping it’s food, only to discover it is their info to grab their items, a crate of sealed goods and head to Casaya in a boat for the ever-important merge. They lament they are going in to the merge outnumbered 6-to-4, but nothing they can do but try to swing a couple votes to their side.

While they were paddling over, Casaya was having a breakfast of rice. When they saw the boat approaching, they quickly vowed to stay together, ate as much rice as they quickly could and then welcomed their new tribe mates. Sally was brought back from Exile Island and the new tribe known as Gitanos (Spanish for “Gypsies”) is born. The former members of Casaya say everone seems friendly, but little do they know of the last minute pact.

The only high point during the expanding of camp was Nick hitting Bruce in the mouth with a machate. It cut his lip, but Bruce soldiered on. Um…excuse me, but weren’t we promised a “medical emergancy” accomponied by someone being evacuated be helicopter? If that was it…wow that sucked.

The tribe then heads off for the first indvidual immunity challange and to see the dreamy Jeff Probst. The challange is:

“Each tribe member will have to hang upside down with arms and legs wrapped around a pole. They must hang there for as long as they can. Whoever falls off of the pole will be eliminated. The last castaway hanging wins Immunity.”

The former Casay’s were hoping Terry wouldn’t win so that they could make him the first out, not knowing he had the Hidden Immunity. Well, guess what, he also won the Indvidual Immunity. Oops. Double immunity!

Back at camp, the former members of Casay hold a very public meeting about how to vote out, making the La Mina’s feel very unwelcome. They decided Nick woul go, and he did in a vote of 6-4.

Here’s my question…could Terry have saved him by ging him the Hidden Immunity after the vote?

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