April 5 2006

The Apprentice:Donald Trump 5, Episode 6

Dear Diary –

I wonder what I did in a previous life to have to suffer through the latest version of The Apprentice. Sure I was Viking and I pillaged villages and stole their women, but does that really warrant the pain that is the fifth edition of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice? I don’t think so, I think this rates as cruel and unusual punishment.

What else could explain the pain of suffering through two totally incomptent teams trying to write a jingle for Arby’s new all-natural chicken line of foods? I mean, seriously, this is one of those tasks that just make no sense to me. At what point do you not go to a specialized company for such an important aspect of a promotion? You don’t just hire some idiots off the street to write your jingle!

Anyway, Bryce led Gold Rush and Sean led Synergy. Bryce had a 10:15 appointment with the executives for Abry’s, his team was 25 minutes late to the meeting. You know what? I would have declared them the losers right there. I have never been late to a meeting, I never will be and if you are late to a meeting with me, you’re sunk.

Anyway, Gold Rush lost, it was boring, Bryce was fired for poor leadership and backtalking Trump. He then had the nerve in the cab at the end to say how Trump needs to shut up and listen sometimes. Um…dude…Trump is the boss, you need to shut the hell up.

This is by far the worst season, I am rooting for no one! They all annoy me! And Lee….oh Lee. Look, I am all for observing your religious holidays, but if you knew you would miss two tasks in a contest like this, I don’t think you should have come. In work it is one thing as you have the job, but in this “interview process” you have basically bought yourself two weeks of immunity and you shoudn’t have even come on the show. Trump is correct, it’s fair as long as he is there, but I personally would not have been able to come on the show if I knew I would miss two tasks. I would not have felt it right to skip out two rounds. That’s just me though.

So diary, my conclusion…I think this show is dead.

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