April 6 2006

Katie Couric

So, I wanted to wait a day to mull this over; Will Katie Couric make a good replacement for Dan Rather? Short answer, no.

Let me just say that I am sure Katie Couric is a perfectly nice person, and I have nothing against her per se, but she is taking an evening news anchor position, this is not the job for her. She is well suited to her home on The Today Show. She is the sugar in your coffee, and that is where she belongs. Being a news anchor, in my assessment at least, means you have at least some background in journalism, you could just as easily go out in the field as sitting behind the desk. That is not Katie Couric. This is like the head of the nation’s booster club being named to the head of the debate club.

So at the same time you discuss Ms. Couric, you have to discuss her Today Show replacement, Meredith Vieira. Ms. Vieira is best knwon for her years on ABC’s The View, and hosting the syndicated version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, but the little known part of her career is SHE has a background in journalism! She is actually better suited to the CBS anchor chair than Couric is. Vieira won five Emmy’s for her reporting for crying out loud! However, she is going to The Today Show where she will have the honor of going out and talking to a woman from Boise,Idaho who is holding up a sign made out of potatos. Oh well, she is probably just trying to escape having to sit near Star Jones any more.

Look, I am the first to admit my journalistic background is not hard hitting, it’s pure fluff, but even I find the naming of Couric to this position to be insulting. This is celebrity news reporting, not honest-to-goodness journalism. Couric was hired for her face recognition and nothing else. This is a perfect example of the “celebrity anchor” phenonem so many pundits have been discussing for a few years now.

I have no desire to ever watch the Couric Broadcasting System evening news, I prefer checking out real news, which sadly is getting more and more difficult in this country. Thank goodness for news feeds I get I from other countries.

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