April 7 2006

In my Defense

So, today’s entry was supposed to be the weekly Amazing Race recap, but that will have to wait a day. Last night I wrote an entry about the whole Katie Couric situation and I mentioned that one bonus to Meredith Vieria was that she would no longer have to sit near Star Jones on The View. It seems this snarky comment qualifies me as a racist. I know… news to me also.

I was left the following in comment due to that statement:

Why would you make a mean commit like she doesn’t want to sit next to Star Jones, ’cause you’re a racist? What did Star Jones do to Meredith Viera? Nothing just because she sticks up for black people you get mad? She’s supposed to she’s black, stupid.

First, we will just gloss over the amazing torture of the English language, but I have to say I am astonished by this comment. In no way, shape or form am I a racist. I dislike Star Jones for one simple reason; she’s a self-obsessed diva. It is is well known that in the months leading up to her wedding she would not shut up about it. During her recent weight loss, and subsequent breast surgery, she could not shut up about them. So you know what? She annoys me as a self-absorbed diva, nothing more. I could care less if she was oompa loompa orange…wait…I might like her better then because she would speak in a language I don’t understand.

Folks, is this what this country has come to? I’m not allowed to dislike someone now because it MIGHT be about their color? I’m not allowed to dislike people based on their personality? Because someone is black, or any other color, I have to instantly like them? Guess what, too bad. I dislike lots of white people too. Actually, I dislike people in general. Shall we stroll through a history of my blog where I hate on people?

On October 29th, 2005, I hated on White Supremicists.

Everyone knows of my hatred of Rachel Ray, check out this entry of March 9th, 2005.

Has anyone ever read my Big Brother recaps?

How many times have I attacked all of the idiots on Survivor?

Read more than one entry here and you will discover I hate on lots of people and never do I mention race as a cause, nor would I because I simply don’t care! People are people, who cares what color they are? If you do something stupid, if you act self-absorbed, if you annoy me for any reason, I will rant on you and I don’t care what color your skin is!

Is this what is happening to the Internet? Will I have to put a disclaimer in every blog entry I make from now on as to why I make a snarky comment? Those are going to make for some lengthy and boring entries. Hopefully people will just think there might very well be other reasons why someone can dislike someone than their skin color.

Oh, and as to the person who posted that comment, I dislike you and I’ve never even seen you. Perhaps I dislike invisible people? Trolls? I am such an evil bastard.

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