April 9 2006

Amazing Race 9, Episode 6

The current version of The Amazing Race continues to basically be a race between two teams, BJ & Tyler and Eric & Jeremy. I find this fascinating because they have two such radically different racing styles. I feel kinda bad for the other teams, but it is interesting all the same.

BJ & Tyler were the first to depart the Pit Stop at 2:29 AM. Their clue instructed them to drive 135 miles to Catania, Sicily and locate the Antiteatro Romano, the ruins of an acient ampitheater. I was amazed by the spread in the departure times. The second team, Eric & Jeremy, departed at 4:11 AM, then the times went 5:00 AM, 5:18 AM, 6:06 AM, 6:25 AM and 6:34 AM. With the long drive, and the ampitheater opening at 8:30, some teams in the back still didn’t make it there until after it opened. When BJ & Tyler got there, they created a fake sign in sheet for fun, the sad thing was, it took Eric & Jeremy a little while to figure out it was fake. Quite the brain-trust those two.

Once the ampitheater was open, the next clue told the teams to count the statue heads that ringed the pit. They would then run back in, find the groundskeeper, tell him the number and, if correct, he would give them their next clue. All the teams got it correct (it was 41) and had no trouble moving on. Honestly, the hardest part of this portion was the traffic getting there through the traffic, and Fran & Barry getting lost…again. I swear those two have NO sense of direction.

The next clue led to this legs Detour:

“In this Detour, Teams had to choose between Big Fish and Little Fish. In Big Fish, each Team member needed to pick up a 32 pound swordfish and walk through the mazelike streets of Catania one third of a mile to a market called Storico la Pescheria, where a local fish vendor named Jagino would hand them their next clue. In Little Fish, Teams would travel directly to the same market, Storico la Pescheria, where they would take over a stall and sell four kilos of a small Sicilian fish called Triglia.”

The only team to opt for fish selling was Fran & Barry, everyone else went for the fun of carrying leaky, smelly, bloody swordfish. Joseph & Monica had the hardest time finding the right fish seller, leading to mascara-ruining crying by Monica. Oh I would have loved to have seen those clothes getting washed. After that, teams were told to drive over 40 miles to Siracusa and find Ponte Umbertino. The last place race started to get going between Ray & Yolanda and Dave & Lori, as the effects of the morning traffic was still getting to them.

Once at Ponte Umbertino, the teams encountered this legs Roadblock:

“In this Roadblock, one Team member had to perform in a popular Italian sport, kayak polo. To do this, they would work solo in a kayak and join a professional team and participate in an ongoing match. After scoring one goal for their team, they would receive their next clue.”

This wasn’t nearly as tough as it sounded, and the most amusing thing to come was Michelle of Lake & Michelle did the challange. I swear you could see every vein in his head as he yelled at her from the sidelines. I wonder how his dental practice is doing since this show aired.

Eric & Jeremy came in first for their third time and won a trip. BJ & Tyler weren’t far behind in second place. I’m telling you all, this is just getting to the point of being funny. Sadly, Dave & Lori were eliminated.

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