April 11 2006

Survivor Exile Island Episode 8

Survivor Exile Island opened with Austin regretting letting the Casaya alliance know that he lost the previous Immunity Challange on purpose. Gee…ya think that was a bad idea Austin? Who knew you had the brain power to figure that one out! Terry was hoping to swing someone over to the La Mina alliance…yeah…that’ll happen.

Reward Challange seemed to pop up pretty fast. As always, the all-knowing CBS website shall explain it for you:

“…host Jeff Probst explains that the tribe will divide into three teams of three. Each team will have one boat and 100 coconuts. They must race to put the coconuts into the boats of the other two teams. The more coconuts in the boat, the slower it will be. Once the teams have exhausted their coconut supplies, they’ll paddle out in their boats to retrieve a tribe flag and fishing net, return to shore and use the fishing net to carry all the coconuts from their boat back up the beach and into the bin. The first tribe to get all the coconuts in their bin and on their finish mat with their tribe flag wins the reward: breakfast in bed. ”

The teams were:
Terry, Austin and Shane
Aras, Bruce and Sally
Danielle, Courtney and Cirie

There was a lot of back-and-forth in the game, but in the end it was the Aras, Bruce and Sally team that won it. As part of their reward they sent Danielle and Austin to Exile Island as their teams were the losers.

Dani and Austin suffered on the island in the never ending downpour of rain. The breakfast in bed was in a literal bed, but it was wet and on the beach. No one seemed to appreciate hearing about it either. The main plot of this episode though was Terry sharing with his remaining alliance that he had the hidden Immunity. They hatched a plan to lure Danielle to their side by promising to giver her the idol for her vote. They also wanted to try for Bruce, but not sure what they were going to offer him, if anything.

Immunity was another multi-elimination:

The Survivors will race through a series of obstacles in four stages. In the first stage, all nine Survivors must race to dig through the sand and pull themselves under a wooden fence. The first six to finish move on to the second round, in which they must complete a brainteaser with four written clues to guide them. After completing the brainteaser, they climb up a sand hill, through a maze and over a second sand hill. The first three to finish this phase will move on to phase three, which requires them to navigate across a rope bridge using two wooden planks. Once they’ve reached the end of the bridge, they must jump off the platform into the water and climb up a steep sand bank. The first to the top of the sand bank move on to the final round: a race through a series of vertical and horizontal tunnels and towers until the first person finishes, winning Immunity.

The race quickly eliminated the big alliance and it got all the way down to just Terry and Sally with Terry once again taking the immunity. This left the hidden idol in play as a bargaining chip. They approached Dani and Bruce, and it looked like they might flip, but in the end, no such luck. Austin was sent home in a 6 – 3 vote, and became the first member of the jury.

Only time will tell us if this was a wise play on the part of Dani and Bruce. The other problem is Terry has now broadcast he has the idol, making him an even larger target.

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