April 12 2006

The Evil Returns

That cold chill you felt earlier today was the news that broke about the next edition of Big Brother. This year’s theme is borrowing a page from Survivor in that it is an All-Star Edition. Oh let the speculation and arguments begin over who qualifies as All-Star, but so help me, if Chicken George from BB1 is there, I will run screaming in to the night.

According to the news bit over at Variety, they will start with 20 pevious house guests, the public will immediately thin it down to 12 – 14 that will actually enter the house.

So, I might as well throw my hat in the ring as to who I think the returning guests will be:

BB1 (no links because CBS seems to like to forget this one happened)
Brittany – I really doubt this one because she has tried to distance herself from the show, but I would love to see her.
Josh – He is a total attention whore, he’ll do it in a heartbeat, and see some info on BB4 as to why.

I didn’t watch this season, but from what I’ve heard, good chance they will want Dr. Will back.

Marcellas – I would love to see him, but doubt he will do it since he hosts the daily talk show.
Josh – Good chance because he was so angry about being booted.

Erika – Last I heard, she was dating Josh from BB1. Would make for a fun time in the house.
Amanda – Hey, she had sex in the house with David, you know they want her back.
David – Same reason as Amanda.

Diane – She was a good player, but too emotional, I would like to see her get another chance.
Jennifer (Nakomis) – She has a great attitude AND came up with, the now infamous, “Six Finger Plan” which was carried over in to BB6. One of the most brilliant strategies ever in the history of reality TV. For those who don’t know what it is, it is a gaurenteed method of eliminating the played you want gone by using a combination of pawn nominations and the Power-Of-Veto.

Kaysar – Face it folks, there is no way in the world he won’t be back. I personally hated him, but I was in the distinct minority there.
Jennifer – That little girl cheerleader exterior hides a cunning and devious player.

We are the first country to do an All-Star BB and I’m not sure it’s a great idea. Survivor All-Stars was pretty much considered a disaster and they have said they will never do it again. As I said, no other country has done this, so why us? Simple, Arnold Shapiro and Allison Grodner. They took over producing the series with season 2, and since then have radically departed from the forumla that works everywhere else in the world, so of course, let’s get even further away from it.

Oh…and the Chen-Bot will be back. This proves there is no TV God.

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