April 13 2006

Work Craziness

Well, things are shaping up for an INSANE Summer for me.

We have hired a web designer for the new version of We have used the same design since 1997, so it’s about time I think. I don’t want to say anything else yet as some of my customers do find this blog and I want them to be surprised by how radically different it’s going to be.

Things are taking more and more shape for my August trip to Japan as a date I have been waiting for has fallen in to place for an event I need to go. So, as it stands, I will fly to Los Angeles on August 15th, fly out of LA for Tokyo on August 16th and arrive in Tokyo on August 17th. I will be there for two weeks and depart Tokyo on August 31st, arrive LA on August 31st due to time difference. After that is when things get tricky, I will either be flying to Dallas or Atlanta depending on which convention my employees end up doing. So I won’t be coming back to Kirksville until September 5th or 6th, meaning I will have been gone from home for 3 weeks. Lucky me. I will be dead.

I have so much to do while I am in Tokyo that it’s nuts. Sunday August 20th I will be heading out to Tokyo Big Sight for Wonder Festival. That means being up at 6 AM to hit the trains at 7 AM to get there in time. It makes for a long day, that’s for sure. The rest of my events have no set days, but I have so many wholesalers and stores hit, I will be running around like crazy. That’s what I get for not going for two years. I am also going to hit some new places that I have been locating on Google Earth which I have added train stations too, shopping areas and so on. Craziness!

So while I am trying to set up a whole new website, I have also got to start “training” for Japan, planning my meetings and prepping to be out of the office for three weeks. Good times, good times.

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