April 16 2006

Survivor Exile Island Episode 9

Another week of Survivor Exile Island, another classic Shane moment.

Terry was entertaining Sally, Aras and Shane with tales of being a Navy pilot as we opened up. Danielle, Courtney and Cirie were sitting in the shelter mocking him and then came the question if Terry actually had the idol. Danielle said she saw it, but it really could have been anything. They searched his backpack, but nothing was there, so they figure he hid it. No clue where Bruce was, probably off playing with his rock garden.

As everyone gathered for the Reward Challange, Jeff Probst took everyone in to the hutt and showed them puppies. Well, it seemed like it was all about puppies. In reality (HA!) it was samples of the videos form home of the Survivor’s families, but they all seemed to involve dogs. This was of course followed up by the usual “*sob* *sob* That’s my 2nd cousin, twice removed on my mother’s side! *sob*” Man I hate the family video episode. Before explaining the challange, Jeff tells them that the winning team will see their full videos while eating peanut butter and jelly sandwhichs and drinking milk. The challange was dran cool though:

“For this Challenge, the tribe will divide into two teams. One person will lie face down on a cradle suspended in the air by bungee cords. Attached to that cradle are three ropes. The teammates will pull those ropes to maneuver the person on the cradle as they grab fifteen flags and place them in order into their appropriate slots. The first tribe to get all fifteen flags in order wins the Reward.”

Courtney was swung by Bruce, Sally and Terry while Danielle was swung by Aras, Shane and Cirie. At first, Danielle’s team was looking strong, but then Aras and Cirie both knocked flags out of their holes, and since Danielle had to replaee those before she could continue, that let Courtney’s team jump ahead and win. They got to send one person to Exile Island so they sent Aras as Terry said he will eat anything. Also as part of their reward, the got their luxury items which were Sally got her journal, Bruce brought a sketchbook, Terry an American flag and Courtney got her fire dancing equipment.

As Danielle, Shane and Cirie returned to camp, Shane complained of an irritation in the region of his penis and he asked Cirie to look at it as she is a nurse. Well, she looked, but she couldn’t resist laughing as she told him it was just the face he needed to keep the area dry and air it out. So….he stripped naked. Just what the world needed, a Naked Shane.

Out on Exile Island, Aras actually gets a fire started, gets milk from a coconut and looks for the Immunity Idol. It dawns on him that Terry may have it and that scares him. What I find hillarious is that Terry let it be known he has the idol, yet no one believes him most of the time. Too funny.

Immunity…well…was odd:

“…each Survivor is asked to grab a nut and a shell and put them in opposite hands. (Jeff Probst) then explains that for the Challenge, each person will swim out to a long plank with seven symbols on it resting on the ocean floor. They will have to memorize the symbols in order and race back to the beach, where they will try to replicate those symbols, in order, on their answer board. The first person to solve the puzzle correctly wins Immunity. But there’s a twist: participation in this Immunity Challenge is optional. If someone chooses not to participate, they will instead chow down on cheeseburgers, french fries and soft drinks. They can eat for as long as the Challenge goes or until the food runs out. Whoever wants to take part in the Challenge will reveal a shell in their hand. Whoever wants to sit out will show the nut. All but Aras, Terry and Sally choose to sit this one out. “

You know, it takes some large guts to say “Hey, I think I will sit out the immunity chllange so I can eat some cheeseburgers. Over-confidence always amazes me. Anyway, Terry won on the first try and Shane won the eating by getting down two cheeseburders, 9 fries and most of a soda (I think, I was just amazed). So Terry wins immunity again, but it seemed fairly obvious Sally was the target, and she was and she was ousted in a 6-2 vote. Terry will only live if he just keeps winning immunity.

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