April 18 2006


It’s one of those days. Problems from all sides.

Computers – I swear every computer in the office is having a problem. All the computers are named for anime characters except for the Mac.

Urd – My computer was slogging down. I transferred the 91 gigs of MP3s off my C drive and moved all of them to one of my externals. Wow…instant speed up.

Skuld – The computer designated only for shipping duties. She’s always been the slowest and we expected that, but now snails are passing her by.

Aika – Brian’s (an employee’s) computer had major issues today even movign folders, and his dvd-rom died. I can tell she’s on her last legs, but now is not the time for buying a computer.

Achika – Mom’s computer…poor thing is oldest computer in the office now (besides the Mac) and yikes is it freezing up.

The Mac – The Mac has no name as it is not well integrated in to the network, but it’s Dave’s computer. It’s going on 7 years old, but for a Mac, that’s no biggie, but we need a new one.

The NAS Box – (Network-attached storage) Basically this is a fancy name for some extra hard drives attached to your network that everyone can access. Well, they are like mini computers with motherboards and fans of their own and…I think a fan died and the other one is over surging to make up for it.

It as not a good technology day at AnimeUSA.

On the Japan trip front, I may not be flying my beloved Korean Air anymore. I’m looking at American Airlines more and more due to the number of choices of cities and flight times to pick from. As opposed to flying out to Los Angeles for the one Korean flight a day, I can fly even to Dallas (for far less then the LA flight) and catch multiple non-stop flights to Narita in Japan. Sure, it’s a few more hours in the air, but I sleep most of the way anyway.

I also have a lot more chances to earn AA miles over KAL miles. It seems you can’t hardly pitch a rock without hitting somone that has a deal with AA for you to earn miles. After 3 round trips on KAL, and some bonus miles, I am still not able to even get an upgrade with KAL and that is annoying me.

I still have some time to pick, but I am looking at it pretty heavily.

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