April 20 2006

Amazing Race 9, Episode 7

Wow, no clue how I got a week behind on Amazing Race recaps! And with such a heart stopping ending too!

Eric & Jeremy were first out and their clue instructed them to travel 350 miles by train, and then ferry, to Rome, Italy and locate Trevi Fountain. The train was of course an equalizer and all the teams made it on one train. Interesting side note, Ray & Yolanda had not seen Eric & Jeremy since Moscow, that was four episodes ago!

Once in Rome, Eric & Jeremy and Joseph & Monica took taxis to the fountain while everyone else took the train, putting the other teams behind. Once at the fountain, everyone located a man on a scooter who had their clue. This one told everyone to locate the horse drawn carriages at the well known Spanish Steps for their next clue. Between these two clues, the teams received two parts of Da Vinci’s drawning Vitruvian Man drawing. When put together it told them had cracked the code and they were to bring the pieces with them to the Pit Stop. The clue told them they would be flying 665 miles to Athens, Greece and locate the Agora, an ancient marketplace. All the teams again got even on the flight.

Since the gates of the Agora didn’t open until 8 AM, all the teams again equalized. Once the clue was opened, they discovered the first of only two Fast Forwards on the entire race.

“In this Fast Forward, Teams had to travel on foot less than one mile to a restaurant and take part in a traditional Greek method of warding off mischievous spirits: plate breaking. Teams had to break plates until they found the yellow and red route marker baked into only one of the hundreds of plates.”

Joseph & Monica, Eric & Jeremy, and Fran & Barry all tried for the Fast Forward, and the remaining Teams went 70 miles by train to the city of Corinth and exit at the Isthmos Station for their next clue. At the Fast Forward, Eric & Jeremy were the second team to the resturant, but they got it and the other teams had to race off to the next clue. The Frat Boys were told to go directly to the Pit Stop a 14th Century stronghold on the coast named Fortress of Rion.

On the way to the train station, Joseph started showing his true colors as he berated Monica for crying over the loss of the Fast Forward. Nice guy, way to be supportive. Moron. Although, she did perk up when saw Fran & Barry, confirming they were not 100% for sure in last.

Now, here’s where things got weird. BJ & Tyler, Ray & Yolanda and Lake & Michelle were on the train to Isthmos, they all got off Corinth. Realizing their mistake, they all opted to take a bus the rest of the way on the advice of an attendant. Michelle expressed concern since the clue said trains, but Lake said it wouldn’t be a problem. Can we say forshadowing boys and girls? I knew you could.

At the correct station, the clue was a Roadblock instructing one team member to do a 240 foot bungee jump. Is there a rule that every race has to have a bungee jump? Everyone did fairly well up until Fran who was scared out of her mind, but she pulled it off. The next clue was to a Detour which was:

“In this Detour, Teams had to choose between Herculean Effort and It’s All Greek to Me. In Herculean Effort, Teams needed to drive to a 2,300-year-old stadium and complete three events from the ancient Olympic games. One Team member had to throw a discus a competitive distance while the other had to throw a javelin a competitive distance. Finally, both had to take on a professional wrestler and push him outside of a 20-foot circle. In It’s All Greek to Me, Teams had to drive to the same stadium, enter an archaeological site and search a specific section for the nine pieces of pottery shard that contained Greek letters. Then, with the help of the spectators, they needed to translate the Greek letters into English and put them in order to spell out a location on the map, Dimitsana.”

While everyone raced to do the Detour, Eric & Jeremy checked in at the fort in first place. For “cracking the Da Vinci Code” they were told they would be attending the world premiere of the Da Vinci Code movie on May 19th, 2006 in Hollywood. Pretty spiffy prize I must say, but wow, what an obvious product placement from the get go.

At the Detour, Ray & Yolanada and Joseph & Monica did the Olympic games. The wrestling portionw as easier than I expected because it was 2-on-1 wrestling and darn funny to watch. Ray should never take up javelin throwing for a proffession though. Lake & Michelle wanted to do the games, but accidentally ended up at the code breaking and breezed through it with Fran & Barry on their tails. BJ & Tyler got badly lost and quickly slid to last place. Lake & Michelle were way ahead of them, but then they got lost after they left the Detour.

As the Pit Stop, remember the bus/train thing from earlier? Everyone who did that got 15 minute penalties. This didn’t really factor until it got down to BJ & Tyler who had to wait and wait to see if Lake & Michelle would come running up the stairs…they didn’t. So long Lake & Michelle, you won’t be missed!

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