April 25 2006

Amazing Race 9, Episode 8

Amazing Race opened with Eric & Jeremy in first place. Upon opening their clue, they learned they were to fly 2,300 miles to Muscat, Oman, once there they needed to find a giant incense burner to receive their next clue. The teams were also instructed to locate a charter bus station location on the main bridge by the Pit Stop and sign up to be taken to the Atehns Airport. All the teams made it on to the 9 AM bus except for BJ & Tyler, who made it on the 10 AM. We also started to see cracks in the Ray & Yolanda team as the stress of being together 24/7 was getting to them.

Side note here, you would think being in last would get BJ & Tyler down….nope. They took the oppurtunity as the only team on the 10 AM bus to impersonate the other teams that were already gone and it was darn hillarious.

Once all the teams were at the airport, it was quickly becoming obvious they realized they were the final five teams as niceness seems to be going out the window (more on that later). Fran & Barry were first to discover the Gulf Air flight landing in Oman at 10:45 PM. Ray & Yolanda, Joseph & Monica and Eric & Jeremy only discovered it by following them to the counter. When BJ & Tyler arrived, no one would tell them anything. By the time they figured it out, Gulf Air was sold out and they had to go with a Qatar Air flight landing at 11:45 pm.

Once there were there, everyone located the burner, it was a bit hard to miss, but it didn’t open until 6 AM, allowing all the teams to catch up. Ray & Yolanda used this as a chance to discuss their relationship, but it didn’t seem to do anything but make the situation worse.

Once the burner opened, the teams raced in to get their clues and learned that they would be driving 135 miles to the town of Sur, a small fishing town that used to be a major trade center. After getting there, they needed to cross on a ferry to the town of Baith Al Battha. On the way, the teams encountered two flooded areas, the first they were guided across, the second they were on their own. While the other teams hesitated, Eric & Jeremy cut in line to go through, angering Joseph & Monica and BJ & Tyler. Ray & Yolanda, whose cmmunication was disentigrating even more, were falling into last place.

Once in Baith Al Battha, the teams found their clue contained this leg’s Detour:

“In this Detour, Teams had to choose between Camel and Watchtower. In Camel, Teams needed to use a block and tackle system used by locals to load a camel into a pickup truck. Then, when the camel was secure in the flatbed, they had to use a map and travel one mile to deliver it at a Bedouin camp. In Watchtower, Teams had to search among three watchtowers for an Arabic message box. However, not all watchtowers contained a message box. Once they found one, they had to travel one mile to a silver shop and deliver it to a man called Mubarek.”

BJ & Tyler, Joseph & Monica and Fran & Berry opted for the watchtowers, while Eric & Jeremy did the camel. BJ & Tyler and FAB (Fran & Berry…tired of typing their names) quickly found their message boxes while MoJo (Joseph & Monica) figured after one tower it was better to switch to the camel task. Eric & Jeremy thankfully got lost with their camel and the other teams breezed through their choices. Of special ntoe, BJ & Tyler offered to help FAB find the silver shop…hmmmm, funny, but weren’t BJ & Tyler the guys left out in the cold earlier in the episode? These guys keep impressing me more and more with their sense of fair play. The clues everyone got told them to drive 80 miles to the village of Al Hawiyah.

Once in Al Hawiyah, the teams found the Roadblock for this leg:

“In this Roadblock, one Team member had to dig through 117 sand mounds to find one out of six shuwas. This traditional Omani dish of spiced lamb is wrapped in a dried palm leaf bag and steamed in an underground oven. Once they find the shuwa, their dinner for the evening, they would receive their next clue.

BJ was the first one to hit the dunes….and the last one to leave them. I hate tasks like this, they just seem so frustrating because they really do just come down to luck. Add in the heat, and the bad luck, and BJ was having a bad day. FAB did come in first, BJ & Tyler came in last, but luckily it was a non-eliminatin round! YAY! (For those who don’t know, that means they stay in the race, but they have no money and only the clothes they have on)

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