April 26 2006

Survivor Exile Island Episode 10

Survivor Exile Island was an odd one this episode. It was obvious from the getgo that Terry was everyone’s target, but he was also clear he was not going out without a fight. Meanwhile, Bruce was in pain from bowel problems.

When Tree Mail arrived for Reward Challange, each Survivor was issued a voodoo doll they were to decorate to make them look like themselves. They had a good time doing this and then headed off to the challange. As usual, Jeff Probst was there to torment them all:

“Each of the castaways will fill out a questionnaire in private, then the results will be tallied and the Challenge will begin. The questions will be posed to the group. At this time, they will guess whose name came up most often. Each time someone gets a correct answer, they’ll get to chop one of three ropes assigned to each tribe member. After three chops, the rope will release a torch that will in turn send their voodoo dolls up in flames.”

It is obvious this style of challange is always done to create strife, and it did. Terry was the first one chopped out and Courtney was named the most things, including most annoying, which had obvious signs of hurting her feelings. In the end, Cirie won and took Aras and Danielle with her on the reward, much to Shane’s obvious anger. Cirie wondered through out the reward if she had made the wrong choice, but by then, it was too late. She also chose to send Terry off to Exile Island.

The meat of the episode happened back at camp as Shane tried talking to Courtney, who was still upset about the things said about her at the challange, and they seemed to reach an allaince in the end of it. In the background of all this though was Bruce in an incredible amount of pain that continued to mount through out the episode. As night came, it finally got to be too much and the Survivor Production team called in their medic to examine Bruce. After not much time it was decided that Bruce needed to be taken back to base camp for more observation, so in the middle of the night, Bruce was taken out by stretcher to a boat and taken away.

The next day, Cirie, Danielle and Aras returned to camp, not knowing what had happened. As they learned, they of course got concerned and waited to hear what was going on with Bruce. When they saw Jeff approaching in a boat with Terry, they knew things couldn’t be good. Jeff gathered the tribe and explained that Bruce’s bowel and urinary track had shut down and he was out of the game for good. It had not yet been decided if he would be in the jury. Due to this, there would be no Immunity Chllange and no Tribal Council. This has only happened one other time when Mike Skupin fell in the fire in Survivor Austrlian Outback, that was pre-merge and pre-jury. I wish Bruce well!

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