April 27 2006

The Apprentice:Donald Trump 5, Episode 9

Why? Why is The Apprentice tormenting us? I mean, I know I have said that every episode this time, but they are just getting downright more painful with each episode. This weeks task was just…bizarre and the product placement was beyond shoehorned feeling.

Lee came back from the boardroom to discover everyone had prepared for Leslie to return since it was her birthday. Oops! Oh well.

The next morning, the teams met with the Donald, Ivanka (who seems to have perfected the never-ending model pouty lip), Donald Trump, Jr. (already practicing his own bizarre hair style) and an Ameriquest executive to receive their next task. The two teams were to head over to Ellis Island, shoot pictures and create a souvenir program to be sold the next day with all the proceeds going to the Statue of Liberty Fund. The team to make the most money would be the winners.

Don’t get me wrong folks, I think the fund is a very worthy cause, but what does Ameriquest have to do with this? I have no clue. And again, this is a task that makes NO sense in the real business world! If someone came to me and said “Sean, go make a souvenir program!” My first question woul dbe “What’s my budget so I can get on hiring a proffesional team?” I know nothing about creating a program and I would have the brains to hire specialists.

Lee as Project Manager for Gold Rush. He sent Tarek and Michael out to the island to shoot pictures, while he and Charmaine stayed in the loft to work on bulk sales. They didn’t get very far, but it still seemed like a good idea.

Over at Synergy, Allie was up as Project Manager and she took the entire team to the island. Half the team shot the pictures, while the other half took the tour, which seemed like a waste of resources. Andrea also thought it was silly and told Allie that in front of the entire team. Nice tact. When they went to leave the Island, a few members got left behind due to a forgotten notebook. Good job guys. Their other problem was Andrea stepping up as an “expert” in graphic arts. What we later learned was she is an expert at HIRING graphic artists. Her “graphics” for the booklet were less than stellar.

The big problem, and death blow for Synergy, came when Lee had Gold Rush up at 5 AM so they could make sure to get the spots along the line-up to get on the ferrys over to the isalnd. Synergy fought an uphill battle all day as Gold Rush sold stacks of their books and even got some bulk sales from Lee and Charmaine’s phone calls. With one hour left Andrea announced to Allie she was an “expert” in book sales…yeah…I think Andrea is an “expert” as BSing is what I think.

Long story short, Synergy lost, Gold Rush went golfing with VJ Singh and Trump, Andrea was fired without anyone leaving the room *snore*

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