April 29 2006

Geeky Post!

Oh how I love the occasional post to worship my geekiness.

The BlackBerry 7290 is rocking my world. Even though I don’t get the full web capabilities here in Kirksville, it is still smazing to me how much I am loving text messaging and forwarding IMs to my phone. And having a full QWERTY keyboard is wonderful. So, yep, so glad I finally upgraded phones and got texting.

Oh, holy bigger hard drives Batman! Seagate is coming out with their first perpindicular hard drive in the near future. While most hard drives have topped out at 500gb, this sucker is a 750gb monster. They’ve increased the size by changing the way the data physically is stored on the platter. As opposed to the old way of the data “laying flat”, or longitudially, on the drive, the data now “stands up”, allowing far more data in the same space. By next year, it is estimated there will be 1tb hard drives out there…that’s 1,000gb. Excuse me while I tie a bib around my neck.

They are also applying this technology to laptop hard drives and Seagate has already shipped 160gb laptop drives, as opposed to the usual 80 – 100 gb drives.

More free WiFi is coming to the world it looks like. Suffolk county, New York is looking to provide free WiFi to the entire county. This adds them to places such as Philadelphia, Chicago and San Fransisco that are working on making giant WiFi clouds. Why do I think that someday the entire country is going to be one giant WiFi cloud? Not that I would mind, I love the idea of being online at anytime, anywhere.

The other day, I talked about how our NAS box was acting up. Well, the local computer techs called Iomega since it was still under warranty. To say neither the tech or I was impressed would be an understatemant. I won’t bore you all with the details, but this will be our last Iomega product.

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