May 1 2006

Amazing Race 9, Episode 9

Amazing Race opened with everyone piling out of the Pit Stop, and some teams deciding to leave money in BJ & Tylers’s car since they had none for this leg of the race. Fran & Barry left them $20, Joseph & Monica (Mojo)threw some paper in their car because they don’t like the hippies, Ray & Yolanda left them $10 and Eric & Jeremy left them an IOU for $100. Guess we know who the good teams are now.

The first clue instructed everyone to fly 9,000 miles to Perth, Australia. Everyone headed directly to the airport except BJ & Tyler who had noticed a lot of hitchikers in the country, so as a final farewell, they picked up a Bedouin named Abdul Hamid who needed a ride in to Muscat. He gave them directions, and when they had to pull over for gas, he repaid their kindness by buying them gas and snacks.

While this was going on, all the other teams had been slowed on their way to the airport by a motorcade for the King of Oman. Once at the airport, the first four teams all found the same flight on Emirates Airlines, connecting to Perth through Dubai. As the teams sat on the plane, watching the time tick down, Eric & Jeremy and Mojo were giddy at the prospect of the Hippies not making it. Oh how I enjoyed their expressions when they walked in the plane.

Arriving in Perth, the teams bolted out of the airport in to cabs and headed for King’s Park War Memorial. Eric & Jeremy got there first and opened their clue to head to Fremantle and board a ferry to Rottnest Island, a well known vacation spot. The sucky part? The ferry wouldn’t depart until 7:30 AM the next morning, so all the teams once again caught up with each other. Stupid equalizers.

Once the ferry took off, the teams travelled 13 miles to the island, then rode tandem bikes for 3 miles to a lighthouse. And yep, Detour time!

In this Detour, Teams had to choose between Sand and Sea. In Sand, Teams would choose a pile of 40 large branches and drag them 126 yards to a marked sand dune. This task, known as “brushing the beach” is commonly done in Australia to prevent beach erosion. In Sea, Teams had to dive beneath the waves and search through 50 crayfish traps lying on the ocean floor. Only a few traps contained live crayfish. After Teams returned two live crayfish, they would receive their next clue. In both cases, Teams needed to first ride their tandem bikes to the Detour.

Eric & Jeremy and Mojo took the sea task and everyone else took sand. Eric & Jeremy did fine, but once again, Mojo didn’t read the clue close enough and only grabbed one crayfish on their first go around. They do seem to have a tendancy to do that. Once done, the teams next clue told them to return to Fremantle and locate Fremantle Prison. As the teams raced back to the ferry, Eric & Jeremy just timed it to get on to the ferry before it departed. BJ & Tyler got there just after, meaning waiting an hour for the next ferry. They opted to take another ferry to Hillarys and catch a cab to Fremantle, the other teams took the later ferry.

Once at the prison, the teams opened their next clue to discover the Roadblock:

In this Roadblock, one Team member had to search the prison block for several cells within Division 4 that contained Duracell coppertop batteries and a flashlight. Then, after finding an entrance to a darkened cavern, they had to descend deep into the ground and search a set of wet or dry tunnels to find their next clue.

The teams ran all over, but they all finally muddled through it and received the clue to travel 1 & 1/2 miles to the Yacht Club for the Pit Stop. Eric & Jeremy came in first with Mojo only seconds behind. BJ & Tyler moved up to third, Ray & Yolanda came in fourth and Fran & Barry came in fifth and were eliminated.

I want Eric & Jeremy gone so bad, it’s not even funny.

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