May 2 2006

Windows Vista Delayed Yet Again?

According to this story, Windows Vista may be delayed, yet again, to June 2007.


How…HOW…does Apple get so many operating system updates out for the Mac? Yes, yes, I know it’s more stable, and honestly, I am coming to envy the Mac users. Sadly, a lot of the software provided to me by companies I work with doesn’t work on Macs. So I kept thinking that once Vista was out, I would get a Mac and make it dual-bootable, or just buy all new Vista machines. Well, either answer is rough now as I have dying PCs and I really don’t want to buy any new ones until Vista, it just seems silly to buy an XP machines at this point.

So the sad thing in all this? I’m not the only one thinking like this. Many of my friends, and companies I know, are waiting to do PC purchases until Vista, so at this point this is effecting all of the the PC manufacturers. Way to go Microsoft, way to mess up the economy with your shoddy work!

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