May 3 2006

Survivor Exile Island Episode 11

I have to say I am excited Survivor Exile Island is winding down. For some reason this cast just never excited me that much. Sure, it’s fun watching Shane being insane, but even that wears out.

Overall this week was fairly predictable. At the beginning it was looking like Shane was really losing it as he had found a piece of wood shaped like a BlackBerry and was spending time on his “thinking stump” sending text messages to people. Yeah…it was nuts as it sounds. Terry was trying to catch fish, albeit with no luck.

The Survivors went and met up with Jeff Probst for reward challange:

“…for this Challenge, the tribe will be divided into two teams of three. Each team member will be attached to a rope that spans the length of an obstacle course. They must follow the rope while navigating the various obstacles. When the final platform is reached, they will unclip from the rope and, one at a time, race across a lily pad run, jump into the water and retrieve one of three bags. Once all three bags have been retrieved, they will clip onto the rope again and make their way back through all the obstacles to the beach. The first team to reach the finish with all three members and all three bags wins the Reward: a barbeque feast.”

The teams were Terry, Courtney and Danielle against Shane, Aras and Cirie. It really wasn’t a challange as Cirie got massively tangled in the bamboo. By the time Terry’s team was done, Shane was just going for the first bag. It wasn’t good. Terry’s team banished Aras to Exile Island.

After Shane and Cirie left, Probst informed the winning team of a second reward challange.

“Jeff Probst explains to the three winners that they will compete for yet another individual Reward. With a brand new fully loaded GMC Yukon on the line, they will use a slingshot to fire marbles at three tiles. The first person to break all three tiles wins the Yukon.”

So, after a close race, Terry won and he was excited. Guess no one has told him of “the car curse”. Every season they give away a car, and no one who was the car has ever won the game. Oops.

While Terry and his crew were off enjoying the meal, and of course conspiring, Cirie decided it was time she did something to actually bring in food. Low and behold, she caught a fish! This was the most successful fish catch of anyone yet, and Shane seemed genuinely impressed. It was nice. This also led to many jokes from Shane about Terry’s total lack of luck at catching the fish.

Once everyone was gathered back together, they headed to Immunity Challange where the all mighty Jeff explained as always:

“Immunity Challenge will be a test of endurance. Each tribe member will kneel at the end of a long plank suspended over a pit of water. They’ll be holding on to two ropes connected to a weighted hook. Starting with twenty percent of their body weight, the weight will increase by another ten percent every fifteen minutes. When the weight becomes too much to hold, the ropes will slip from their hands, the plank will give out and they’ll fall into the water. The last person left standing wins Immunity.”

Shane, surprisingly, was the first to go. About 5 minutes later Cirie went, and she was the one I was expecting first. 1 minute later was when Danielle went, Aras’ time in Exile Island took an obvious toll as he fell off fourth. Down to Courtney and Terry, Terry looked to be straining, but once Courtney went, she went fast. This led to Terry winning his fourth straigh Immunity.

I won’t go into all the boring politics and schemeing that went on, but suffice to say, I was surprised when Cirie’s plan was the one that worked, and ousted Courtney. Has everyone been underestimating this nurse?

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