May 5 2006

Ok, get out of the bedroom already!

I stumbed across a story tonight about how Republican Representative Ralph Davenport in South Carolina has proposed a bill regarding sex toys.

“Davenport’s bill would make it a felony to sell devices used primarily for sexual stimulation.

The proposal also would allow law enforcement to seize sex toys as contraband.”

So, why am I writing about this? What is my usual grumpy, annoyed angle on this? Oh you know I have one. First off, I would love to know how ANYONE could think that selling a “device used primarily for sexual stimulation” constitutes a felony. These are legally made items sold to people for private use with themselves or with a consenting adult. If two people (or one) choose to use a plastic/rubber/silicon toy to enhane their enjoyment why it is anyone elses business? So long as what people are doing harms no one else, it really should not matter how they choose to do it.

The proposed bill would add the sale of the sex toys to the states current obscenity laws. How does this qualify as “obscene”? Because someone is offended by the mere concept of them? Well, guess what, out of sight, out of mind. So long as you don’t go into an adult bookstore, you don’t ever have to have any involvement with them. It’s not like you walk in to the corner gas station for a soda and a vibrator. They are sold only in “destination” type stores. You have to actively seek them out to even see them, so unless you go into one of those destinations, you never even have to think about them.

It’s not the fact that it’s sex toys under attack, I would feel the same if this was being said toy cars. If a legal ages adult wants to be a legally produced item to be used in their private home, so be it. What’s next? Mini-skirts make you have obscene thoughts, the sale of them will be made in to a felony? Where does it stop? It’s easy to take on targets such as sex toys because if anyone stands up to defend them, you will think the person is a pervert, but my argument is more for where it stops. If you don’t stop silliness like this where it starts, it will be just that much easier for the next thing they go after, and that may be something you care about.

The other reason this irks me is, will they really take up valuable police time with this? “Well, we could have stopped that car jacking, but we were too busy logging in the cases of contraband vibrators that were coming in.” Rapes, murders, meth labs are already hard enough to combat without the added stress on our overtaxed law enforcement resoures having to deal with a legally operated business selling a plastic representation of a phallus!

You would hope this would be voted down, but it appears South Carolina isn’t the first state to try such an act. according to the second story I linked. Supposedly Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Texas also have similar bans, but I have yet to find anything to back that up.

When the Associated Press contacted Davenport about the story, “Davenport wouldn’t talk to The Associated Press Friday about his bill.” I have found nothing to suggest he has talked about it since. If you are going to propose such a bill, at least have the guts to talk about it if asked.

The only thing I have thought might be amusing about this whole thing is the potential for comedy. When police make a large drug bust, they lay it out on a table for the press, and pose behind it. Imagine what the pictures would look like with the seized sex toys.

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