May 7 2006

Today’s Post Brought To You Be The Letter “I”

I was challanged by brinshannara to do this meme. She gave me the letter “I”. I now hate her.

Comment on this entry and get a letter (if you’re up to playing). Write ten words beginning with that letter, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why. (If you’ve done it before, let me know what letters you’ve already used.

Ikebukuro – My favorite suburb of Tokyo, and where I always stay when I am over there. One book descrived it as “the working man’s Tokyo”, and I love the look, the feel and the general vibe. It’s probably my favorite place on Earth.

ISCA – About 12 years ago I was OBSESSED with ISCA (Iowa Student Computer Association) BBS. This was before all the IMs took off and I would actually wait in the “queue” for an hour or more for there to be room for me to log in. It was amazing and a complete waste of time…it rocked.

Internet – While related to ISCA, it’s bigger. I first got on the net in September 1986 and I have never looked back. Every new devolopment gets me just as excited as when I first got on.

Indiana Jones – I am sure, like thousands of other kids, he convinced me that I should become an archelogist. Once I learned it didn’t involve a whip and a fedora, I opted not to go down that road. Darn it.

Idina Menzel – I first learned of her when I saw her on Broadway in “Rent”. She then was in the original cast for “Wicked” and was in the film of “Rent”. Amazing voice.

Indiana (the state) – I have NO clue why, but whenever I get lost on a big road trip, I somehow end up in Indaiana! I swear, I could be driving to Oregon and I would somehow end up in freakin’ Indiana!

Istanbul (Not Constantinople) – I’m not ahuge fan of They Might Be Giants, but I love their song “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)”. I swear I could listen to that song non-stop for hours.

Insurance – I wish I had some, and even then I think it’s a huge scam because they rarely pay like they should.

Indians – Come on folks, we treated them with complete brutality and disrespect. They deserve so much more than we give them.

Ice – I know it’s bad for my teeth, but dammit, I like chewing it!

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