May 8 2006

Survivor Exile Island Episode 12

Survivor Exile Island opened with Shane returning to camp, surprised by the seemingly unexpected ousting of Courtney. Cirie and Aras tried to convince him that it was a last minute decesion due to them overhearing she was going after Aras. They actually got Shane convinced that it was for the greater good. Terry also suffered a seeming betrayal by Danielle. Ah…this is the Survivor we all know and love!

Everyone headed off to a huge reward challange:

“The tribe convenes with host Jeff Probst, who explains that this Reward Challenge combines elements of past Challenges put together in a four-stage obstacle course. First, the five tribemates will dig in a circle of sand, each looking for a bag. The first four to find their bag move on to the second round. In the second round, they will carry their bags with them to untie a wooden snake. The first three to get to the finish with both bag and snake proceed to the third round. The third round, they will carry the bag and snake as they race over a sand hill and into a water pit, where they will untie a large fish. The first two to get to the finish with fish, bag and snake will move on to the final round. In the last round, the last two standing will go head-to-head, carrying all three items that they have collected through a series of wooden tunnels and towers. The first person to the finish wins the Reward: face-to-face in person with a loved one. The winner of the Challenge will be responsible for allocating who wins love and how much love they get.”

Shane was shockingly the first one out. The next round eliminated Cirie in the snake untying and then Danielle went down in the fish round. In the final round, Aras dropped his bag and had to go back for it, causing him to lose. So, Terry stands there the winner and now he had to decide who got what amount of love. He took his wife with him for the overnight reward and chose the same for Shane and his son Boston. Cirie’s husband would go back to camp, Aras got to hug his mom and Danielle got nothing and was sent to Exile Island.

Terry and Shane enjoyed the time with their loved ones, Cirie put her husband to work around the camp while Aras laughed. Over at Exile Island, Danielle used the machate on various items, prentending they were Terry’s head. Terry did share everything with his wife and Shane quickly learned that Terry’s wife was even more competitive than him, and as Shane said, sarcastically “What a charming woman!” It was rather amusing.

What wasn’t so pretty was after everyone had left, and Terry returned to camp. Terry immediately went on the defensive about how spouses took precedance over mom’s and Aras took offense. He attacked Terry verbally non-stop about how his mom is his rock and who was he to question that. In their solo interviews the attacks on each other continued, spilling over into attacks on each other’s age. I’m thinking this is not going to end pretty.

At the Immunity Chllange, they were reunited with Danielle and got the low down on the challange:

“…the Immunity Challenge will test the Survivors’ balance and accuracy. Each tribe member will stand on a very small perch at the top of a 20-foot poll in the water. When the game begins, they will lower a bucket into the water to fill it, then pour from the bucket into a very narrow bamboo shoot. As the bamboo shoot fills up with water, it will raise a flag. Once the flag is high enough to reach, they must carefully grab it and raise it above their head.”

Shane poured his water in the wrong place for quite awhile. Terry and Aras remained neck-and-neck for the majority of time and…yeah, you guessed it, Terry won. Yadda yadda, Shane and Terry think Danielle is going yadda yadda Shane goes in a vote of 3 – 2 and makes random comment about eating chocolate as he leaves who knows. Hope he remembered his BlackBerry.

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