May 9 2006

Amazing Race 9, Episode 10

Considering this is the tenth leg of the Amazing Race, you would think the teams would finally have an inkling of when an “equalizer” was coming. Considering Eric & Jeremy were the first out of the Pit Stop at 11:47 PM, and were instructed to travel 15 miles to the Swan Bells Tower, a building housing 18 church bells given to Perth by England to celebrate the Australian bicentennial, you would have thought they would know the place wouldn’t be open. Oh well, better safe than sorry I guess.

Mojo (If you don’t know that is Joseph & Monica by now, too bad) were the second team out. They joined with Eric & Jeremy in the calling of cabs, and while they waited, BJ & Tyler arrived, receiving the cold shoulder from both teams. Talk was sparse and the air frigid. You could sense things are only going to get worse.

And guess what? The tower didn’t open until 8 AM. What a shocker. The teams slept the night and the next morning Ray & Yolanda and BJ & Tyler called ahead for cabs to show up at 8. Eric & Jeremy called, but used a fake name. They then cancelled the other teams cabs. Let’s talk about low blows. I understand this is a game, but man that just seemed low. I hope they remember such a thing as “karma”.

Once the tower opened, everyone raced to the top and got their clue telling them to fly over 1,700 miles to Darwin, the capital of Australia’s Northern Territory. After they get there, there to drive to a local crocodile park, wade into a pool of crocodiles and get their next clue. Everyone raced back down to their “waiting” cabs. BJ & Tyler jumped in the first cab they saw, but learned it was reserved for Mojo, and got out. After wandering around, looking for their taxis, Ray called in to the cab company and discovered someone had cancelled the cabs. Since Mojo was the only team with a cab, they assuemd Mojo had done it. Eric and Jeremy kept their mouthes shut as karma had indeed gotten them and their cab was nowhere to be seen either. Oops.

At the airport, Mojo quickly booked a flight on Qantas, arriving in Darwin at 7:10 PM. When the other teams arrived, and started attacking Mojo for the cab stunt, they realized Eric & Jeremy had framed them. Once BJ & Tyler showed up, they tried suggesting Eric was hitting on Monica, and Joseph should keep an eye on them. To say things are tense in this race would be an understatment. To add to the fun, all the teams ended up on the same flight.

Once the teams got to Darwin, they drover to Crocodylus Park and found it did not open until 9 AM. Big surprise huh? BJ & Tyler continued to suggest something was up between Eric and Monica, which Mojo did not find amusing. Once the park opened, everyone took their turns wading in to the pool of crocs (which were tiny) to get their clue. Once opened it told them to drive 50 miles to an airfield. They were also informed a much anticipated Yield awaited them.

As the teams drove like mad people to the Yield, Mojo passed BJ & Tyler, knowing they planned to Yield them. When they pulled up though, BJ & Tyler had a better parking strategy and won the foot race to the mat. They immediately yielded Mojo, and got nasty comments in return for doing it. Hey, Mojo, guess what, you would have done it to them, and it’s built in to the game GET OVER IT! The drawback to the viewing audience was getting to listen to more Mojo bickering…lucky us.

As the teams opened their clue, they found a Roadblock:

“In this Roadblock, one Team member had to choose a plane, climb to an altitude of 12,000 feet and tandem skydive.”

Bj jumped for the Hippies, seeming to enjoy every minute of it, Ray and Jeremy followed right after. When the teams finished, they opened their clue and learned that they to drive 20 miles to Litchfield National Park and find the Magnetic Termite Mounds, which all face magnetic North in an effort to shield themselves from the sun.

As BJ & Tyler ran back past the still Yielded Monica, Tyler apologized for Yielding them. Joseph replied with “Don’t act nice. If we weren’t in this Race, I’d beat you down.” Nice…real nice. IT’S A GAME! How can people not get this? Mojo went back to arguing, and in their stupidity, did not see the hourglass expired. Oh how I chuckled at them still standing there when they didn’t need to be. Monica jumped for the team and then they raced off.

Everyone made it to the Termite Mounds and found this leg’s Detour:

“In this Detour, Teams had to choose between Wet and Dry. In Wet, Teams needed to drive six miles to a roadside park to hike and swim down a daunting one-mile course down a jungle river inhabited by large spiders and poison plants. In Dry, Teams had to drive six miles to an intersection and another six miles off road until they come to a natural rock formation known as the Lost City. Once there, they needed to choose an Aboriginal instrument known as a didgeridoo and, following the sound of music in the air, locate a nearby Aboriginal. The pattern on his didgeridoo must match the pattern on the Team’s didgeridoo. If it matches, the Aboriginal would teach each team member how to play a note on it. Once each team member played a note successfully, they would receive their next clue.”

The Hippies and the Frat Boys headed off to do Wet, Ray & Yolanda and Mojo went for Dry. I have to say, Wet sounded easier to me, but it wasn’t anywhere close to being. Dry went much, much faster than Wet. As the teams finished their tasks, their clues told them to drive to Lake Bennett for the Pit Stop.

Ray & Yolanda came in first by quite a bit, but then the craziest ending to a leg I have ever seen, happened. The three reamining teams ended in a literal photo finish as they slammed into each other while running to the mat. The frat boys got second, and after a poor choice of where to run by BJ, Mojo got third, leaving the Hippies in last place. Monica looked on smugly as the Hippies learned they were last…her expression didn’t seem quite as thrilled when she learned it was a non-elimination round and the Hippies weren’t leaving. Poor Monica.

The problem with non-elimination rounds is you lose all you rmoney and any clothes you are currently not wearing. Well, after Wet, BJ had taken off his shoes…BJ is shoeless for the next leg it looks like. Not good.

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