May 12 2006

The Apprentice:Donald Trump 5, Episode 11

So The Apprentice did give us a darn funny moment at the beginning this week. Tammy tried letting Allie and Roxanne know that Sean wasn’t out to get them. Well, Allie wouldn’t have any of it and would not shut up about how Sean had sided against her during their last board room. Sean was trying to sleep, but they would shut up and just kept demanding he apologize…Sean had ear plugs with him, he put them in and just let them keep going. Just too funny and so deserved.

Trump met the teams on the football field of Rutgers University and wanted to even them up. Funny, Sean wasted no time moving over to Gold Rush, making it all men, and leaving Synergy as all women. This weeks task would have the teams setting up Outback Steakhouse tents in different parking lots for tailgating parties. The team to bring in the most money would win the task. Lee stepped as Project Manager for Gold Rush and Roxanne for Synergy.

Gold Rush quickly got an idea to lock the Rutgers cheerleaders in to an eclusive apperance and make an event out of their tailgating party with a money pit, food eating contest and make it a party atmosphere. In the meantime, Synergy went to try the Outback food and then got to planning, putting them far behind in promotion. They lost out on the cheerleaders, missing promoting themselves at the pep rally and not hitting the parties that night. They tried to get some of the cheerleaders, but ended up getting shot down. Michael thought they could be ncie and give them a few, but was quickly shot down by Lee and Sean as being an idiot for evenn considering it.

It really looked like Gold Rush had a huge party going on with tons of people hanging out at their tent. Synergy had a mostly empty tent, but then got the idea to go out and offer to deliver the food to people’s cars free of charge. Business picked up quickly for them, but they still didn’t seem to be as busy as Gold Rush. You did start to notice that Gold Rush’s business wasn’t converting in to sales though, just lots of gawkers at their events. Guess what…it worked. Gold Rush sold $1,750 and Synergy $2,750. Oops.

As Synergy’s prize, they were flown to the Raphael Winery and got to pick grapes, stomp them and make their own wine. Gold Rush got to discuss which of their own they were going to devoud in the board room. Lee and Sean decided Michael was to blame for the loss and ecided to team up on him.

In the end, it really boiled down to just his willingness to even consider giving Synergy cheerleaders that lef to Micahel being fired. Adios loser.

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