May 13 2006

Amazing Race 9, Episode 11

So, this week the Amazing Race brought us down to the final three teams. As the race began, the teams decided wether or not to help the penniless, and clothesless, BJ & Tyler as they left. Ray & Yolanada left a pair of pants for BJ, Eric & Jeremy left sandles for the shoeless BJ, commenting that he was still a human. While I have said nasty things about Eric & Tyler in the past, I do applaud them for this. Mojo? Didn’t leave anything. I hate them. BJ & Tyler were grateful for what they did receive, but made note of what team had left them nothing.

The first clue the teams had received intstructed them to fly 7,000 miles to Bangkok, Thailand. Once there they would take a bus for 97 miles to the city of Lopburi, and find the Three Spire Pagoda, a Buddhist temple. The teams got to the airport and all booked flights on Qantas, landing in Bangkok at 11:00 PM, except for BJ & Tyler. Mojo complained to Eric & Tyler for giving BJ shoes because it would have kept him out of the airport. Eric & Tyler lied and denied giving him shoes.

BJ & Tyler set out to the bar district to beg for money, and seemed to have a good bit of luck, but this caused them to miss out on the plane everyone else got on to. They instead lucked out and got a flight that would get them there 15 minutes earlier. Oops! Due to various changes in flying though, the 11:00 PM flight arrived at 10:15 PM and the 10:45 PM flight arrived at 11:00 PM, so BJ & Tyler thought they still had a slight jump on the other teams. Eric & Jeremy and Rat & Yolanda made it on the midnight bus, and Mojo was told the first morning bus was at 4:50 AM. It wasn’t. The first bus was 4:20 AM and BJ & Tyler made that one.

The temple didn’t open until 8 AM, all the teams were there except Mojo. Ah…poor Mojo. When the temple opened, teams opened their clues to find the second Fast Forward of the race:

“In this Fast Forward, Teams had to travel two miles by taxi to a nearby restaurant and take part in a favorite afterschool activity in Thailand. What Teams didn’t know was that the activity was feasting on a bowl of stir-fried crickets and grasshoppers.”

BJ & Tyler and Ray & Yolanda headed off to the Fast Forward, but as Eric & Jeremy had already done one, they had to do the Roadblock instead:

“In this Roadblock, one Team member had to prepare a ceremonial feast for the sacred monkeys that inhabit the shrine much like the locals do during an annual festival. After completing the feast, the Teams would present the feast to the monkeys to earn their next clue.”

At the resturant, BJ & Tyler were hesitant at first, but after only one bite, Ray & Yolanda backed out and wished them luck and ran back to the Roadblock. While they raced back though, Mojo showed up at the Shrine and were encouraged to think they would be ahead of one of the two two Fast Forward teams. Ray & Yolanda showed back up and all three teams were going at the vegtable presentation. The teams soon learned the biggest problem was that the monkey’s were pulling the fruit off as fast they prepared it. As the teams finally finished though, and received their clues, they were told to take a cab for 90 miles to the Chao Phraya River and then go by ferry to Koh Kret Island, and find the Buddha Garden.

While the teams followed the directions, BJ & Tyler finally slogged their way through the Fast Forward task and received their instructions to go to the Pit Stop at the Marble Temple, a Buddhist shrine built in the 19th century. While the other teams got to the Buddha Garden and find their Detour for this leg:

“In Move It, Teams had to make their way on foot to a pottery factory and transport 72 clay pots through the winding, narrow streets of the market to a boat docked on the river using the traditional Thai method of carrying the pots on wooden boards balanced on their shoulders. In Altar It, Teams needed to make their way on foot to a nearby temple and create a shrine to Buddha by assembling the shrine and then gold leaf a statue of Buddha.”

The only team to take Move It was Mojo, who was just a complete disaster at it. Which amused the heck out of me. It took them three trips to get all the pots moved, which allowed Ray & Yolanda and Eric & Jeremy to jump ahead of them. So, long story short…adios Mojo! The final three teams are set and next week, after nine seasons, at long last…TOKYO!

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