May 14 2006

Survivor Exile Island Episode 13

Next to last of the Survivor Exile Island episodes…yay! We started off with everyone returning from Tribal Council and Cirie commiting the most horrible of crimes…SHE DROPPED HER TORCH IN THE IMPROPER PLACE! Now now…settle down, no need to run for the exits. Terry did take exception to it, but that only led to yet another Terry vs. Aras verbal throw down. No big shocker there. So instead of enjoying their first night as the final four, they instead had a blowout argument. Good times.

The next morning, everyone gathered for a fairly complex Reward Challange. I’m surprised Jeff Probst didn’t run out of breath.

“The castaways will each be attached to ropes by one of two carabiners. Using the two carabiners, they will clip and unclasp from one rope to another as they navigate their way around each other along a main thoroughfare that leads to six stations: poles, hermit crabs, rocks, iguanas, shells and fish. Each time they get to a station they must count the number of items, race back to the start, and find the answer tile with the same number on it. Once they’ve been to all six stations, they will have six numbers. They will then place those six numbers into an answer grid. Using the combination, the two numbers in each column will open the locks. If the lock doesn’t open, it means they’ve counted wrong and they can go back and correct their mistakes. Once they’ve opened all three locks, their tribe flag will drop. The first person to lower their tribe flag wins the Reward: a luxury yacht tour of the Panama Canal. “

Yeah…I never did quite get it myself. All I know is Danielle just ended up messing with everyone, Terry and Aras got in fights and it just got weird. Once Aras and Terry had done all six stations and gone back out to do recounts, Terry thought you could only do one station and then come back, so he whined when he felt Aras was doing more than one. Jeff over-ruled him and Aras made fun of Terry for whining. In the end Aras won the trip and picked Cirie to go with him. He sentanced Terry and Danniele to go to Exile Island.

Once out on the island, Danielle and Terry discuss the possability of eliminating Aras due to his picking Cirie for the reward makes it obvious they are an alliance. Danielle agrees it is time for the to team up. When Aras and Cirie return to their camp, Aras decides to rest and Cirie takes up th eflint to make her first ever attempt at making fire. She succeeds and squeals with joy, waking Aras who is very proud of his friend as he reflects on how far she’s come since day one.

Everyone gathers for the Immunity Challange and is for a mixture of brain teaser and phyical challange:

“For today’s Challenge each Survivor will work to solve three puzzles. Using a set of coordinates, each castaway will cross two ropes. Where the ropes intersect, a bag of puzzle pieces is buried in the sand. They must dig up the pieces, then race back to their respective answer boards to complete their puzzle. The puzzle will reveal the next set of coordinates. The first person to solve all three puzzles wins Immunity. “

Aras got his puzzle pieces first and never relenquished his lead. Danielle got stuck on the second bag of pieces for quite awhile and Terry got close to catching up, but never quite made it. Aras ended up winning and breaking Terry’s amazing streak. Back at the camp, Danielle and Cirie figure out the vote will probably be 2-2 and will result in a tie breaker. In the recent past ties have been solved with building a fire, so both girls practice.

Sure enough, the vote is a tie and since Terry is the one with the hidden immunity, no one can save themselves. Danielle and Cirie go to do the fire challange and….to be continued?!? Blast you Mark Burnett!

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