May 15 2006

Survivor Exile Island Episode 14

Survivor Exile Island is over! *runs around until he passes out* Let’s crank this mother out!

Danielle and Cirie had their fire challange and after a couple of false starts, Danielle takes it.

The next day, Terry & Aras continue their competition even to fishing. Aras caught the bigger fish. Good for him. Still though, they had to head off to see Jeff Probst for waht turned out to be a Reward Challange (odd for this late in the game):

“…for this Reward Challenge, the Survivors must race to the top of a three-story climbing wall using four individually-shaped pegs. First, they must make their way through a table maze. Once at the end of the maze, each will release a bag containing their first two pegs and move to a spinning wheel. Reading the clues, each must spin the wheel clockwise, counter-clockwise, and clockwise again like a combination lock to find the one bag that contains their final two pegs. With the help of the pegs, the players must get to the top of the wall and place their pegs in the proper slots, which will raise a flag. The first person to raise their flag wins the Reward: a high-protein meal and a cot to take back to camp. This Reward will give the winner a huge advantage in the upcoming Immunity Challenge.”

Aras got out fast, with Terry nipping at his heels, Danielle was never really a factor. As Aras hit the wall, he seemed sure to win it, even after he slid and was only saved by his shirt catching on a peg. He made it to the top first, but somehow Terry managed to get his pegs in first, lowering his flag and winning the important reward. Aras tried to brush it off as nothing by eating some big fish back at camp.

The next morning, everyone got up early and headed off to Exile Island for the “Tour Of Losers”…I mean when the final three have a chance to reflect on those who were voted off…forget it…Tour Of Losers. They walk around, try to come up with som edopey good memory and then move on. Once they had gone through them, they put the torches into Exile Island’s giant skull and built a big bonfire. You know, this kind of disappointed me. They usually auction the torches off for charity. Guess not this time. Which I do think is a shame.

At the Immunity Challange, it wasn’t so much the usual endurance as it was balance.

…the Final Immunity Challenge will be a test of balance. Starting on the largest of a series of floating platforms, every fifteen minutes the Final Three will move to the next smaller platform. As the platforms get smaller, it will get tougher for the Survivors to maintain their balance. Only their feet can touch the platform. If their hands touch the platform or they fall off, they are eliminated. The last person standing wins Immunity and a guaranteed slot in the Final Two.

It wasn’t until the third pad everyone had problems. Terry never really got his balance, Aras was uneasy, Danielle was steady as a rock. Terry went down, Aras looked at Danielle, she nodded, he jumped off. Now, the thing is, you thought she had an alliance with Terry…guess not. Danielle wins final Immunity and the power to decide who goes with her to the final two.

There was lots of back and forth, Terry seemed at ease, Aras was threatening, but in the end, Danielle took Aras to show tribe loyalty. Seems a shame after Terry worked so hard, but oh well. On their last day, the final two were given champagne and food for breakfast. They celebrated, drank champagne, went for a walk, Aras feel on his cutting himself open requiring multiple stitches…..perhaps Survivor shouldn’t give booze to mal-nutrioned people? Considering the last time we saw the Survivor Medical Crew was in the Australian Outback, they were called out *twice* this season! Way to go schmucks.

At the final tribal council, we had the usual random questioning and bitterness, with Shane asking them to pick a number between 1 and a million…is anyone surprised by this? Well, the votes were cast and in a 5-to-2 vote, Aras is named the Sole Survivor. Eh…who cares. Boring season for the most part. See you next season for Survivor Cook Islands!

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