May 21 2006

Introducing Winston & Patrick!

This is Winston Churchill
This is Patrick Henry
Classy sleepers
Patrick trying to look serious
Sleeping Winston…seem to be his talent
Winston sleep again with Patrick being anxious
Gee…who is the messier eater?

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  • Jacqui

    They are beautiful and precious. May they bring years of happiness and lots of cleaning up!

  • Fred

    Hi Winston and Patrick. You’ve been adopted by one of the most loving families on the planet. You’re going to have amazing lives.

  • It was so nice meeting you and your parents on Sunday. Winston and Patrick are going to have quite a life! They look gorgeous in the pics.
    Thanks again and enjoy your new family members! I tell ya what, those names just fit those boys perfectly!!!!! :) Take Care.

  • Jo

    When God made puppies, he know just what he was doing. They are beautiful!

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