May 22 2006

Warning, this may be a dog blog for awhile

So, as the title says, this may seem dog heavy for awhile, but if today was any indication, they are all I will be doing for awhile!

I slept on the couch last night so they would know where I was and let me know when they were ready to go out. Well, little did I know that would 6:00 AM. After letting them out, I was treated to an hour of professional wrestling and ganwing on my toes. I got back to bed for 45 minutes and had to get up for their vet check-up. (which they passed)

They came to work for the day and had a couple accidents, so I spent a lot of time running them out to the parking lot. When we got home they got to play for their run for the first time and, wow, if you didn’t know better, you would say these dogs hate each other, but when they sleep, they sleep right on each other.

So today’s observations? Winston is the brighter one while Patrick is the more bull-in-a-chinashop. Winston is further along in potty training and had NO accidents tonight! YAY! Hopefully he will help teach Patrick.

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  • Good Morning—Yes sorry, farm life, the pups are early risers. They are used to going out about 6:00 a.m. and then we play play play until about 6:45!
    The way they play, just think of none of them attacking and growling. You would have thought they were the worst of enemies. Not so though, they LOVE each other. Just think, if it was not each other they were gnawing on, it would be your toes! Good thing they have each other :)

  • Not a problem Laura! You did warn me, I was just hoping I could change them a bit quicker *heh*. Today was 6:18, so I will slowly slide them!

    They did really, really good this morning though doing all their business outside both times they went out. If this keeps up I may have them housebroken quicker than I thought!

  • emi

    A lot of dogs i’ve seen really enjoy play fighting. Almost looks like they are gonna rip each other apart untill you see that tail going back and forth a mile a minute, then you know they are having the time of their lives. P.S. When do i get to meet the new babies?