May 23 2006

Mixed results day

Well we had some good advances and some problems with the pups today.

Lead training – Went much, MUCH better today. They didn’t fight me going out on the leads at work, and they walked back in with no help on the indication that we were going in. Winston even did both his jobs on the lead today, a first!

Wake up time – 7:20 AM YES! Sean got some sleep last night!

Accidents – Well, they used the potty pad at work…then played tug of war with it and went on to an accident each. Not sure why I am having such a problem at work. We’ll work on it though.

Winston and Iams – It would seem Iams does not agree with Winston and it came up after a couple of hours. Poor guy. I’ll be looking in to switching him back to Eukanuba. He had no problems on it.

Personalities – I am loving watching the differences pop up. Winston is perfectly content to sit in your lap quietly and cuddle. Patrick will for a few minutes and then he wants to go off somewhere. Winston is frighteningly smart at figuring out flaws in the run. We blocked off the bottom stair to the deck…well that last a few days. He made it to the fifth step tonight. We are now calling him “safe cracker”.

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