May 24 2006


Well, they seem to be doing well at home and made it almost the whole day until just before bed. Was weird, they had JUST been out, were wrestling and had accidents, both at the same time. Was very odd. At work…ugh, that was a whole nother kettle of fish. Multiple accidents from both. I think the problem there is they have to go out on leads and they do not like them at all. They will do their business on them, but reluctantly. Going to have to work on that more.

The fighting continues, but it is so funny at this point. Tonight I was sitting on the floor with them and they were having an all out brawl over who would get to lick my arm.

Wake up time slid to 6:18 AM, so I am hoping to slide them a bit more each day so I can get some sleep. Since all the employees left today on a business trip, when they went down for a nap, so did I…on the floor of the office. Felt sooooo much better after that. I did leave them for about an hour today, but Grandma graciouslly came over and was their puppysitter while they napped and I went to a technology demo I had scheculed weeks ago. (Just wish it had been more exciting)

I did have one friend tonight stage an “intervention” with me as she said I was quickly turning in to one of those parents who couldn’t talk about anything but their newborns. She’s right, but I think it is all a matter of finding a balance and I’ll get there!

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