May 27 2006

*bangs head repeatedly against a wall*

Unless you were under a rock yesterday, there is no way you did not hear about Cheyenne Nebraska County District Judge Kristine Cecava and her insane sentancing of a child molestor. It seems Richard Thompson stahnds just 5’1″ and weighs around 100 pounds. He pleaded no contest to two counts of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl, and so he should have received a stern sentance. The judge noted the such a serious crime deserved a long prison sentance…instead he got “intensive supervised probation”. She also stated that he was not a sexual predator.

If the people of Nebraska retain her the next time she is on the ballot, they get what they deserve. This judge is clearly not cut out for this job. I could care less if this guy would have a hard time in prison, do you think that sort of though crossed his mind when he molested this girl? I doubt it. He belongs in prison, and if something happens to him while there, oh well, too bad.

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