May 28 2006

The Apprentice:Donald Trump 5, Episode 13

The Apprentice is almost over, The Apprentice is almost over! Can you tell I’m thrilled?

The teams were down to Allie and Roxanne on Synergy versuses Lee and Sean on Gold Rush. They were summoned to meet with the Donald, Don Jr. and Ms. Pouty-lips herself, Ivanka. Their task was to create four new uniforms for Embassy Suites main employees:front desk, breakfast cook, suite keeper, and bellman. The judges would be actual Embassy Suites employees.

Lee was up as GR project manager and they went immediately to meet with the Embassy executives to understand what they were looking for. They then went off to meet with actual employees to see what it was they want from the uniforms. They opted it would be best to rework the current uniforms with improvements.

Allie was leadign Synergy and followed the same course of meetings. The big difference for them is that they decided on a total ground-up redeisgn of the uniforms. Allie seemed to have an odd obsession with culottes, which none of the employees they talked to even knew what they were. Not a good sign.

GR quickly met with Edward, their deginer from Lafayette 148. The meeting and designs were quick, and they were off to purchase fabrics. Allie and Roxanne met with their designer, Marc, and Allie insisted on skrts for the front desk female clerks. This didn’t thrill Roxanne as the actual employees had insisted they preferred pants, but she kept her mouth shut for some unknown reason.

When Marc didn’t take things the way Allie wanted him to, she was very vocal with him and Roxanne felt he should be left alone since he was the expert. WHAT?!? A person on this show who thinks the “expert” actually knows best?!? How did she get on this show? Is their screening getting lax?

After the fashion show to show the designs to the employees, GR received 83 votes to Synergy’s 37. If you saw Synergy’s designs, you would have to agree, they were just plain old horrible! As their reward for winning, Lee and Sean got to have dinner with Ivanka and Donald Jr.. I think I would have asked for a different reward. It is supposed to allow them insight in to Donald, but, you know, I can not imagine a worst dinner than sitting with Pouty Lips and Hair Boy Jr..

The boardroom saw the “friends” fall in to the traditional “it’s all her fault!” mentality, and went so far as a a shouting match. Well, the Donald was disappointed with both of them and sent them both packing.

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