May 30 2006

Brangelina’s Baby

Let me just say, I have NOTHING against little Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. She is an innocent little girl. What I have problem with is “Brangelina” and the press obsession with them. Let us not forget that Mr. Pitt left his wife, Jennifer Anniston, for Ms. Jolie. Let us not forget this whole debacle is the result of an AFFAIR! If there were problems between Brad and Jennifer, I’m sorry and they should have gone to go to counseling. Having an affair with your co-star and setting up a family very publically is a bit much. Every newspaper must be like a dagger to Aniston right now.

Today I heard that Jolie & Pitt are asking $5 Million for the first pictures of their baby and it will be donated to charities in Nambia. Yay for the charities, but whatever media outlet coughs up $5 Million for this needs to be kicked squarely in their teeth. This insane cycle of celebrities having children with bizarre names and then selling the rights to their first pictures is such a perverted form of jourmalism, it disgusts me.

Yet, the sales of these issues must warrant the amounts they are paying, so then you have to ask why people are so interested in this stuff? So the question then becomes, in this paticular case, we come back to does no one remember that this is all the product of an affair? Are we not glorifying someone who broke the sanctity of marriage? Someone who broke his marital vows, had an affair and left his wife? People are so concerned with how gay marriage may effect the sanctity of marriage, but hey, two pretty people had a kid from an affair, let’s put them up on a pedestal! I could care less how anyone feels about gay marriage, but you have to see the hyprocicsy here.

So do me, and journalism in general a favor, when these outrageously over-priced pictures come out, don’t purchase whatever magazine they are in. All you are doing is helping the vicious, never-ending cycle.

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