Ok, I was kinda snippy in the last two entries, so here are new puppy pics to make up for it. Wow, we’re both on the couch! Such…hard…work….getting…sleepy Oh fine, I give up, nappy time! When not on the couch, under a table will suffice it seems.… read more

(edited to add some more thoughts at 9:00 PM CST) Let me say up front, I believe in the “War on Terror”, even if I hate it’s name. I don’t abide terror in any of it’s forms. I have made my feelings on terrorists quite clear last July after the attacks in London. That being… read more


June 28 2006


Some of you may remember I made a snarky comment about Star Jones a while back. This was followed up by me having to defend myself as not being a racist the next day. I said how I hated her for being a self-obsessed diva and how she wouldn’t shut up about her wedding and… read more

Last Thursday there was a lightning strike somewhere very, very close to my house. The sonic boom knocked me off the couch (where I was sleeping) and moved my grandmother’s bed and knocked some pictures off her wall. During all this, it fried my Directv receiver with Tivo. Nooooo! So I gave Directv a call… read more

Italy beat Australia 1 – 0 in the final seconds of second half stoppage time. It was off a penalty kick that I will question forever. It was a joke of a penalty and the Italian played over-played it to garner the kick. It’s sad they scored off of it, because those of us watching… read more


June 25 2006

Group of 16, day 2

What is going on with England? 1 – 0 over Ecuador, and only based on a Beckham free kick? That’s twice in this World Cup! England is playing so far below their talent, it’s not even funny. England will now play Portugal in the quarter finals after Portugal beat the Netherlands 1 – 0, but… read more

Was testing something out, ignore it folks!… read more

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.… read more

Well I was on the wrong channel and missed Germany’s two goals since they had them both in the first 12 minutes. Yikes! They knocked Sweden out. The second game was supposed to be an easy victory for Argentina over Mexico. Mexico scored in the 6th minute, Argentina in the 10th minute and that was… read more

The second episode of Hell’s Kitchen opened with the girls lamenting thier loss of the first service, but they settled in and went to bed. They were awoke very early th enext morning by Scott and Mary Ann and told to gather outside the back door of the resturant. It seems Ramsay was disgusted by… read more



June 22 2006

Adios USA

I hate to say it, I’m kind of glad the USA got knocked out today in the World Cup. We weren’t ready for this, and we didn’t deserve it after we let our egos get out of control. We were defeated 2 -1 by Ghana, and let’s hear it for Ghana! First African country to… read more

Time to meet the Potential Big Brother All-Stars! Big Brother 1 George – No…please NO! He went insane the first time, he’ll do it again! Why not Curtis? Eddie? BRITTANY?!? Big Brother 2 The only season I didn’t watch, so not much I can say. Bunky – From what I know of Bunky, I’d like… read more


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