June 1 2006

X-Men The Last Stand

I loved X-Men 1 & 2, and so like a good little zombie, I headed out to see the third film, even though I had hear many bad things. I should have listened.

For those of you haven’t seen it yet, you may not to read this because I am going to spoil a ton of stuff.

Prof Xavier – So let me see if I have this right, one of the most ethical mutants around forced mind blocks on Jean Grey and took over the body of a mindless man? He poked around in two people’s minds without their permission, one of Xavier’s big points with all telepaths. So didn’t buy it.

Rogue – She took the cure so she basically can get it on with Bobby “Iceman” Drake. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. And she was allowed to move back in to the mansion because why?

Jean Grey/Phoenix – Would it have broken the budget to have ONE shot of the Phoenix form?

Cyclops – What.The.HELL?

Colossus – Would it have killed them to let him have a Russian accent?

Angel – Did he speak a full sentnce?

The Plots – Was it just me or were there two seperate movies going on? You had the Phoenix storyline and the cure storyline. Both interesting in their own rights, but both horribly short changed by the scrunching of them together.

Continuity errors – Where did the holes in Wolverine’s shirt go? Wow that was fast setting sun during the Golden Gate Bridge scene.

This isn’t to say it was all bad though. Kelsey Grammer was perfect as the Beast, Ellen Page was a great choice for Kitty Pride and there were some cute “fan service” moments like “the fast ball special”.

It just wasn’t what it should have been, and too many things made NO sense! The whole Golden Gate bridge was just to show off film wise. It made no sense otherwise. Save yourselves, wait for the DVD.

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