June 2 2006

The Apprentice:Donald Trump 5, Episode 14

The Apprentice opened with Sean and Lee waiting to see who would come back from teh board room, instead they found themselves summoned there. Once there, Trump informs them that they are the final two and their last task would begin the next morning. He instructed them to go back to the suite, look at the other candidates and pick three each for their team. Little did they know that all the fired employees were waiting for them in the flesh.

After mini-interviews with their former teammates, they chose their teams:

Sean – Andrea, Tammy and Tarek
Lee – Lenny, Pepi and Roxanne

Pepi? PEPI?!? He was out second! This even sent Carolyn in to fits of laughter at one point. Anyway, the next morning, both teams met with Trump, Carolyn and George in the board room and they learned their tasks. Sean, who would be known as Synergy, would be in charge of the Pontiac/Barenaked Ladies concert at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City to benefit the World Wildlife Fund. Lee would be Gold Rush and would be running the Pontiac/Celebrity Hockey Game at Chelsea Piers for the Leary Firefighters Foundation.

Synergy had a great meeting with the WWF and toured Taj Mahal in prep for the event. Gold Rush visited with a rep from the Leary Firefighter’s Foundation, and had a less than stellar meeting with no outstanding ideas for what to do to raise funds. Synergy wa shustling though with Tarek and Andrea getting Pontiac to donate two cars for auction, but Tarek was upset with Sean going off to pick food from catering with Tammy while missing such an important meeting.

Things weren’t smooth at Gold Rush either though with Lee taking a laid back leadership approach. When the Leary Foundation laison checked in, she gave Lee an earful about the lack of communication and ideas. Sean’s team had it’s problems too with Andrea suddenly coughing up blood and having a bloody nose. She left to see a doctor, unsure if she would be able to return.

That’s it for this week, all the real action will happen next week.

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