June 4 2006

Puppy Love

The boys are making progress finally. Patrick has been “asking” to go out for a few days now, which means running back and forth rapidly while whimpering. When he does this though it means “Get him out…NOW!”, he doesn’t give you much warning! Tonight Winston joined in though, so we are well on our way to housebreaking them it looks like. They have also learned to climb the stairs on the deck, so we are puppyfying the deck so they will be able to come up whenever they are ready. Now if we could just get them to stop beating the heck out of each other!

With all the talk of my puppies, I thought I should mention if any of you are looking for puppies, please feel free to contact TLD Cocker Spaniels, and tell Laura I sent you! She has some ready to go puppies from a friend of hers, 1 brother of Patrick and Winston is still around and she has some pups who will be ready in several weeks. Someone please get the brother of Patrick and Winston so I stop feeling bad about him still being there!

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