June 9 2006

World Cup

I wonder how many people reading this blog (those from the USA, my foreign readers can sit this one out…I know you all get it) know the biggest sporting event in the world is going on. To listen to the media, you would think that the World Cup is some event engaged in by primatives and we should all smile-and-nod at their quaint little ways. This tournament causes massive sick outs, wives become World Cup Widows and basically every country goes in to a frenzy…except the USA.

I will never understand why football (yes, I call it football…BECAUSE IT’S PLAYED WITH FEET!) hasn’t caught on here though. Personally, with the exception of basketball, and I know this might get me skinned by some people, traditional American sports bore me to tears. Take American football for instance, “Oh no! We’ve played for 10 seconds, someone stop the clock!” Baseball? Pounding nails in to my head is more enjoyable. Football is fast paced, non-stop and has a championship system that makes so much more sense where every goal counts to the final championship, none of this “Too bad you had a bad day, this is the only game that matters!”

So, with one day down, I hope maybe more people will give the cup more of a chance this year as the games are playing on ESPN and ABC. Take a look at the schedule on ESPN and find a game to give a try, doesn’t matter what country. See what the rest of the world loves that we can’t seem to understand.

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