June 10 2006


I got another negative on my Ebay seller account, and you know what? I just don’t care anymore. All my negatives seem to come from people who just don’t use their blasted brains.

The negative is:
“Its been 2 months and never received item, never replied e-mails.Non trustworthy”

Well, the story is, 10 days after I mailed his box to Spain, he emailed me saying he hadn’t gotten it yet. I replied that I felt he should give it to the middle of the following week and if he did not receive it, he should let me know and I would trace it. Never heard a word until this feedback.

The guy writes perfect English, so I assume he can also speak it, I do provide every customer with a phone number to reach me. You can always use the Ebay message system. There are always ways to reach me, but nope, no effort on their part.

And I love this, I have 5261 unique positives. Yes, you caught me. After 8 years of hard work, over 12,000 positives, I finally turned to a life crime just for YOUR order. Darn my devious plot not working! And the guy who left me a negative? 12 unique feedbacks. Why does it always seem to be the low feedback idiots who do this?

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