June 11 2006

A rough day for puppies

Saturday was a full day for the puppies and they had their first encounter with a non-Cocker Spaniel dog. My mother’s brother was visiting grandma, and, as always, he brought his Doberman Pincher, Chico, with him. I was out back with Winston and Patrick, everything was going swimmingly, when suddenly Chico showed up and stood outside their fence. Winston barked wildly, and Patrick…let out a sound I am not sure can be put in to words. Chico let out a small bark, but then got scared off by my guys.

All was fine, no one got bit, but Patrick was massively traumatized by the whole thing. After I brought them in the house he continued to bark for a half-hour, sure Chico was still out there. I took them back out, he saw no one was there, and he still randomly barked all night. I thought I had him broken of it until he saw his reflection in the fire place doors. He went off all over again. Poor little guy.

The funniest bit was how Winston would just watch him and once in awhile would look at me with an expression of “What in the world is he going on about?” It wa snice to see though that Winston is very, very caring of Patrick and walked over to him several times to try to comfort him. (licking his face, pressing his body against him)

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