June 12 2006


Day 4 of the World Cup has come and gone, and basically it was the worst case scenario fot the USA. We played our first game against the Czech Republic, a game most thought we had a shot at winning, and instead we lost 3 – 0. Now, the way the World Cup scoring works is you earn 0 points for a loss, 1 point for a tie and 3 points for a win. In the first bracket you play for best 2 out of 3, so if other teams in the bracket score 3, you have problems.

So, in our bracket today, Czech Republic beat us 3 – 0 and Italy beat Ghana 2 – 0. That means we are 3 points behind one of the greatest countries ever in cup history, Italy. And gee, guess who we play next…that’s right, Italy. If we lose that game, that’s it, we’re as good as out. We will still have to play Ghana, but there will be no way for us to catch up.

Austrlia defeated Japan 3- 1, which was impressive because A)Had never scored a goal in World Cup histy and B)All three happened within 8 minutes. I would have hated ot of been in the Japanese locker room after that game!

For those of you not in to the tournament…too bad!

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