June 14 2006

More Patrick And Winston

mmhmm…Winston under the couch
"Who? Me?!? I wasn’t under the couch!"
Yep…he’s still dreaming of getting on the couch

This is Patricks favorite way to sleep.
Looks uncomfortable to me.

I know some people don’t like crates, but when you
are the only one home, and you need a shower, you have to.
They now have a bigger one, but Patrick under the mattress
killed me.
He seemed perfectly content…
Until Winston decided he was alone in the crate and layed on him.
I have no clue why they have adopted this plastic tub lid as a bed
They love it though


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  • Hey Sean,
    The pups look ADORABLE!
    I just kept saying AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
    That is funny that they like the lid, probably nice and cool.
    Take Care!

  • Them adopting the lid wasn’t intentional. It just fell over one day and the next thing I know they argue over who gets to sleep on it. More power to them! *laugh* They are getting cuter by the day!