June 16 2006

World Cup Keeps Chugging Along

There’s been some great games and not-so great games over the past few days. England defeated Trinidad & Tobago 2 – 0, but they didn’t score until the 80th minute. England just seems to be lacking any sense of passion for this, they have no fire, and it’s showing in their haphazard playing. They’re through to the second round though.

Argentina destroyed Serbia in a crushing 6 – 0 defeat. It was almost painful to watch it was so lopsided. Course, Spain defeated Ukraine 4 – 0 a couple days ago, so the Serbia defeat wasn’t the only huge loss.

Tomorrow the USA is playing Italy. If we lose, we’re out. There are lots of people who say we have a shot, but I hate to tell everyone…there is NO hope of us winning this game. We lost 3 – 0 to the Czechs. Italy beat Ghana 2 – 0. I am really expecting the score to be around 3 – 0 with Italy taking it. If we make it past tomorrow I’ll be amazed. We just are not a soccer country, we might be someday, but not yet.

I know it sounds horrible not to be all gung-ho for my own country, but come on folks, let’s be realistic too, it’s not going to happen. If we by some miracle beat Italy tomorrow, we will quickly be eliminated in the next round, we just don’t have the talent or experience of these other teams.

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