June 20 2006

Hell’s Kitchen 2, Episode 1

He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Gordon Ramsay is back for a second season of Hell’s Kitchen on Fox. For those of you unfamiliar with Gordon Ramsay he is a 3 Michelin Star chef, has been voted the best chef in England for 9 years and is ultra-famous for his temper which was documented in Boiling Point and Beyond Boiling Point. Hell’s Kitchen was also a decent sized hit for Fox last Summer.

Returning with Gordon our his assistant chefs, Mary Ann and Scott and the so-put-upon Maitre’D, Jean Phillipe. This year’s prize is the winner will receive their own resaurant at the new Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas.

So, we open up with the twelve new idiots…I mean “chefs”…and Gordon gives them 30 minutes to prepare their signature dishes to give him a clue of what their skills are like. We’ll go down the list as they presented them:

Keith – Goofy guy who seems to think he is a white rapper when he is really a giant doofus. His dish was Cha-Ching Sesame Crusted Tuna…yeah…no one got the “Cha-Ching” part. He called it a “lite dish” when it had a heaping mound of rice, nice pile of carbs. Ramsay told him to take his hat off and he dumped the rice in his hat. Ramsay said it was too hot and too big.

Rachel – She’s Texas through and through, and doesn’t mind letting you know. She makes fried butterflied shrimp with chocolate sauce, lemon and chili pepper. Ramsay likes the shrimp, but nothing else about the dish. Rachel chalks it up to regional differences.

Polly – Polly also hails from Texas, but seems a bit quiet. She prepared undone focaccia bread with garlic dipping oil. Ramsay has no interest in even trying it and sends her back to the line.

Larry – He stands 5’4″ and makes sure everyone knows that he understands the disadvantage this puts him in. He made potato crab cakes with soy and peppers. Ramsay tastes a sample and is amazed that not only are they hot, but undercooked. He seemed quite amazed by this.

Maribel – It’s faily obvious she has an atitiude from what sah said later on. She made an Argentine plantain soup, which Ramsay promptly spit out as too spicy. In a private interview she declared he must be a wimp for not being able to handle it…let’s let that all soak in for a moment folks. 3 star chef vs. a no-one…yeah, she knows better. mmhmm

Tom – A former stock broker, a prolific sweater and very nervous seeming. His dish is pasta with shrimp scampi and cooked ceaser’s salad. Yes, I said cooked. Ramsay picks the salad out and places it in Tom’s bare hands. He tries a shrimp and spits it out. Tom feels he wouldn’t be so rough on them if he didn’t care. Or if you didn’t suck so much, but if your version lets you sleep at night…sure.

Heather – A sous chef in a kitchen with 12 men. She’s used to taking her lumps. She made chocolate raspberry empanadas which Ramsay was nervous about. He felt the dough was too thick, but it was actually the best dish he’d tried yet.

Garret – Basically he made a pile of meat. Ramsay asked where he learned to cook, he quickly replied jail. Ramsay passed on sampling the food and instead chose Gabe to try it he took the oppurtunity to slam on some of the competition. Ramsay did finally try it and agreed.

Gabe – It seems Gabe only took up cooking after seeing the first season of the show. Oh joy. Ramsay never samples his dish as the fish is undercooked and inediable.

Giacomo – He has major hair issues and an ego as big as the hair. He fixed frutti di mare, a pasta dish with a variety of seafood. Ramsay calls Sara forward to sample it. She says it’s quite nice, Ramsay tastes it and thanks him for preparing the first edible dish.

Sara – Not sure what to think of Sara yet except that her voice drives me up the wall. She made a herb-crusted salmon with peekytoe crab pasta. Ramsay proclaimed the pasta to be overcooked mush.

Virginia – Virginia lists her occupation as a salad chef…wow…alrighty then. She made a…wait for it…a coconut, pomegranate and celery root salad. You can all stop gasping now. Ramsay asked her if anything on the plate had been cooked, she informed him the nuts were toasted. He said it was fine for an uncooked dish that took 30 minutes to prepare.

After all this, the chefs were introduced to Scott and Mary Ann and sent off to the dorms. Before they go, they are informed the battle this year is men vs. women, women are red and work with Mary Ann, men are blue an work with Scott. After unpacking they are brought back to the kitchen and told they will be open in 24 hours and they need to start prep. The girls fly through their prep and get to bed around 2 AM and the men take until almost 6 AM. Ramsay catches Tom dripping sweat into a pot of tomato sauce and make him start over and make sure the nextpot is sweat free.

The next day, 10 minutes before opening, Ramsay askas for volunteers, 3 girls immediately raise their hands, only one man, Giacamo raises his, and that was with some hesitation. Ramsay notes this and express his disappointment. Heather and Giacamo are appointed to be cleaners and make sure the workspaces keep clean. Heather is excited, Giacamo looks down on the work as beaneath him.

As the orders start to come in, the appetizers are rejected numerous times until finally Tom gets the first appetizer out for the men…only to have it come back when the diner claims there is no pumpkin in the risotto. After complaining face-to-face with Ramsay, he gladly offers to shove a pumpkin up the man’s ass and sends him way. Ah…there’s the Gordon we love. After Polly fails a few more times, Ramsay changes her out with Heather who fires off a successful appetizer in 3 minutes. That caused Sara to clap with glee…until Ramsay yelled at her for being happy over such a small success.

As anyone could have guessed, hardly anyone gets served, the customers start chanting for food, Ramsay shuts the kitchens down. He then decides the women did the worst, but Heather did the best of them so she gets to decide which two will face Ramsay. She picks Polly and Virginia…I won’t drag it out, Polly goes bye-bye.

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