June 21 2006

Big Brother 7:All-Stars Intro

Time to meet the Potential Big Brother All-Stars!

Big Brother 1
George – No…please NO! He went insane the first time, he’ll do it again! Why not Curtis? Eddie? BRITTANY?!?

Big Brother 2
The only season I didn’t watch, so not much I can say.
Bunky – From what I know of Bunky, I’d like to see him in the house.

Will “Dr. Evil” – From what I know, a complete bastard, so he’ll probably get in.

Mike “Boogie” – Will’s henchman, bringing him in with Will would be like bringing in a partnership.

Monica – I know absolutely nothing about her.

Big Brother 3
Marcellas – YES! He must be in the house! He made the biggest mistake in BB history, but he was so cool.

Lisa – Also like her, even though she won, but she was a good player.

Danielle – She was either the best player in the year or the worst.

Big Brother 4
Erika – I liked her. Not sure why, I just did.


Allison – Oh lord, no. That woman was so loud, annoying, bitchy…I can’t even begin to list all the reasons I couldn’t stand her.

Big Brother 5
Jase – No…he wears mandannas…just say no to mandannas

Michael “Cowboy” – Well…there goes the IQ in the house.

Jennifer “Nakomis” – A fantastic player, and one of the brightest as she came up with the “Six Finger Plan”.

Diane – Also a darn smart player. I’d love to see her and Nakomis in the house.

Big Brother 6
Howie – Oh I hated Howie…HATED HIM!

Kaysar -Doesn’t matter what I say, he’ll get in.

Ivette – I loved her, her temper, her attitude, she needs to get in.

James – MORON!

Janelle – Snob. Snot. Bitch…she’ll get in, but oh well.

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