June 22 2006

Adios USA

I hate to say it, I’m kind of glad the USA got knocked out today in the World Cup. We weren’t ready for this, and we didn’t deserve it after we let our egos get out of control. We were defeated 2 -1 by Ghana, and let’s hear it for Ghana! First African country to make it to the second round!

I think we needed this though. We went in with an incredible ego that “Hey, we’re the USA and we made it to the second round last time, we’ll win it this year!” We aren’t Brazil. We aren’t Germany. We aren’t Italy. We are not ready for the true world stage of football. This is a true world sport and we are woefully behind.

Czech Republic 3 – 0 USA

Italy 1 – 1 USA

Ghana 2 – 1 USA

Not the best record int he world.

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  • I think the US side started off more engagingly than we did. It was too bad we beat them. I am not very familiar with the US team, but Sean McBride looks like a nice guy to me–I particularly liked his style of play. Dempsey was lucky on the goal. Football is about a lot of luck. Ghanaians had that, too, but we have to fight complacency…well done, and many thanks for your objectivity here–much appreciated:-)

  • No objectivity here Emmanuel…I’m a realist and I know we had no realistic chance! Truly am glad to see Ghana get through, they’ve played well and they earned it!