June 23 2006

Hell’s Kitchen 2, Episode 2

The second episode of Hell’s Kitchen opened with the girls lamenting thier loss of the first service, but they settled in and went to bed. They were awoke very early th enext morning by Scott and Mary Ann and told to gather outside the back door of the resturant.

It seems Ramsay was disgusted by the amount of food wasted the previous night. To make sure the perspective chefs understand the costs involved with the food, he orders them in to the dumpsters to pick through the waste and sort it. After a good sized mound has been accumulated, he again stresses how much that can cost a resturant and tells them to go back in and get ready for the day. Did anyone wonder who put everything back in the dumpsters? I wondered.

The teams met up with Ramsay in the kitchen and learned about cutting 10 ounce steaks to be added as a steak special on the next night’s menu. He demonstrated how to do it with no waste. He told Keith to sit out to even up the teams, and then gave them 10 minutes to cut as many 10 ounce steaks as they could. I won’t bore you with the whole break down, but the girls cut 12 successful steaks and the men cut 11. 5 of the men’s came from Tom alone! Didn’t matter though, the girls won and got to go to Saddle Peak Lodge, a wild game steakhouse outside of Los Angeles, and to travel there by helicopter. The men got to cut all the steaks needed for the resturant.

When the girls got back, they headed out to the hot tub to relax. The men finished the steaks and decided to get to bed early, all except Larry. Mind you, he hadn’t felt well all day, but he couldn’t resist sitting in the hot tub with the girls for a while. After everyone had headed to bed, Larry started having pains and called for an ambulance. The next morning no one could find him, and then they got a phone call from him that the stress had gotten to him, he was in the hospital and would not be returning.

The teams are saddened by this, but they go to meet Ramsay for the service. Ramsay announces that Sara will be one of the wait staff for the red team and Keith would work for the blues. Sara turned in her first ticket with no problem, Keith wrote horrible tickets and sweated all over the customers.

After 45 minutes, neither side has starters out, but by far, Gabe from the blue side is doing the worse job. As the women start getting their orders out, Mary Ann asked Heather for some duck sauce, and while reaching for it, she badly burned herself. Ramsay raced over to stick her hand under water and called for Jean Phillipe to bring ice. As they waited, Heather turned to call out instructions to her team on what she had left cooking, she then left for the hospital.

As the red kitchen spirals out of control being down another pair of hands, Sara asked Ramsay if she could come back in the kitchen. He said that was the smartest thing she had said since he met her and told her to come back in. Their kitchen got more under control and they got some entrees out before people left in disgust. After multiple tables left, Ramsay gathered the teams and showed them what the death of a resturant looked like…empty tables.

Heather returned to compliments from Ramsay on her clear thinking and to see him declare the men the losers and tell Garret to choose the two to come back. When they do team assemble, Garret picks Tom and Giacomo. Ramsay doesn’t like the choice of Tom and send him back calls Gabe forward. Gabe is sent home and Giacamo gets a warning.

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